Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Will be streaming tonight (28th dec) 8pm Singapore time !! At least about 7 hours
straight .. So be sure to watch my stream !!


Streaming from now till 5am !! Hope you guys like it please support ^_^ 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Back from China trip ..

Day 1 - I reached the tournament arena ,  played abit on the tournament setups and realise the timing was pretty weird , seems to have abit of slight input lag. But well i know i just have to adapt to it , follow up was the friendly tournament of 5v5 . Internationals were in a team which consist of me , poongko , mike ross , combofiend and sako. We fought till the very end and lost in the grand finals against team china team consist of xiaohai , dakou and ah bao. I managed to get 1st win as they send me off first facing a honda  , after i won the honda , xiaohai (small kid) yun came along , it came down to the last pixel of the last game and i lost. After which sako get in and won xiaohai , next team china sent out ah bao(yang) and basically ocv the rest of our team , thats the end and i went back together with the hk guys and head out to eat some really good food, HK people really knows where are the good food ahahhahahaha

Day 2 - Headed to play the tournament , played against followupursf from hk for the first game , had a really tough fight but managed to sneak off a win. Next was yun ... then yun .. then yun again .. LOL .. so my day ended going into the top 16 for the next day , alot of internationals didnt manage to get out of the pools because there were so many yun , yang and feilong lol.. After that went back to the hotel to slack for awhile before heading off with the hk guys to 1 of the clubs to drink , had alot of fun with them , they were very nice.. Gameouttt , Lin lao , sl hiro , kenny and more ....

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Hey !! I am now on the plane to CHINA !! ^_^
Going to the SSF4 AE tournament in China , gotta met up with china best players
like da kou and xiaohai :) , Mike ross , combofiend , Mago , Sako (not sure) i
heard will be there as well too :) good luck to me and i hope to do the best
in this tourney :)

On other side , i really wanna thanks TKA and SCOGA for sponsoring my trip this time
to CHINA , without you guys support , i will never have make it :)
Once again thanks alot and i really appreciates it  ^_^

I haven been updating often as you guys know i have been streaming alot nowadays
in www.twitch.tv/crosscounterasia .. But i will be updating what i see and happen
over there in CHINA !! ^_^ (Provided there's internet access there) LOL .. So check out
my blog for my info !! Wish me luck :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Me playing kof13 semi finals

Me playing kof13 winner finals

Lieing down for awhile , i know i not doing anything much at the moment ..
Will be streaming SSF4AE 2012 when its out .. And heading off to China for HuaHai
Tournament .. Air combofiend and mike ross will be there too ..
Go sleep already , will try to update more often :)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ahahaha today i was very happy , its been sooo long since i had such a good game :)
Played leslie money match $5 , Gen vs Sagat . Total played 3 sets , last set not finished :(
First set i lose 5-4 , then lost 5-1 then last set now i am leading 4-2 ..
Its not about the score .. not about the $5  .. But the games i had , its so challenging yet
fun ^_^ Used up all my new tricks i have been thinking against him , some worked :)
There will be a upcoming tournament this sat , 2v2 and singles ..
I will be teaming with tampiness daigo ^_^ Leslie is very gay , he teaming up with gackt..
ahahahaha i suddenly look forward to meeting them in the tournament , and i shall start
developing more tricks against feilong and sagat :)

Haven been touching UMVC3 for awhile , lack of console makes me really rusty now ..
Switch of teams to Magneto , Storm and Akuma as well , May switch again but depends :/ WIll definely train up abit and see how well i can fare this weekend ..

Lastly , i am really looking forward to 30nov .. SSF4AE2012 changes !!
Cheers !! ^_^

Friday, 18 November 2011

Videos of me in Canada Cup !!
Videos of me in Northwest Major will be updated later !! ^_^

Friday, 11 November 2011

Canada cup 2011 is over :(
Calary is so cold !! But i have fun over there :)
Thanks Peter , Zang ,Julie for housing me and driving around !!
Appreciated it ^_^
Not to forget Lapchi , the big boss for making canada cup 2011 happen :)
I am now in seattle and attending the northwest major :)
tomolo 4pm friday i will be playing teams first :)
I am teaming with fchamp and gootecks ^_^
Hope we can do well !!

I also starting streaming as well , 
www.twitch.tv/crosscounterasia ..
Hope everybody likes it !! I will update on facebook , twitter or blog
everytime i stream , if anything you guys wanna ask me can hook me up there :)
See ya guys i am tired ^_^

Monday, 31 October 2011

Reach Japan with Real deal and Yong De !!
Went to check in hotel immediately and eat RAMEN !! 
After that went to shinjuku taito station to practice :) Saw daigo playing
with akuma mostly , iyo was there too .. and Kazunoko is playing with the Seth
card , beating up iyo few games before he left 0_o
Seth going to be his new upcoming character for 2012 ver?? :0

In between we meet up with Naruo and Kim1234 to run some running sets at 
our hotel :) Its was really fun , had really close matches up till last round last circle ^_^
Will be out soon  , i lost to Naruo Ryu 4-5 and won Kim1234 5-4 .. 
Naruo Ryu was very impressive , which Kim1234 said 1 of the best Ryu he seen..
Very good reactions and zoning game with strong anti air 0_o
The running sets were really exciting !!
Ok will update more , shall head off to sleep 

Friday, 28 October 2011

Team Singapore t-shirts !! Red and White colour avaliable :)
Hey guys i will be travelling to Japan , Calary and Northwest Major at Seaahto
(sorry i forgot how to spell) LOL .. Anybody who are interested in these shirts
i will be delivering there for you !! ^_^ Ryu , Sagat , Zangief , Gen and Viper
are the characters drawn on the shrits if you cant see clearly ..
You can also choose with or without the Canada cup logo at the right ^_^
It's 20usd per t-shirt :)

I will be wearing it during Canada Cup too !!!!
Updating more videos before i fly to Canada Cup !!
This video is Gen vs Akuma , a simple mixup for gen..
And if akuma tries to teleport out of corner .. the teleport will auto correct :)
This is the new feilong combo i seen from mago ..

Thursday, 27 October 2011

In appreciation of everybody visiting my blog , i am doing some videos
out for everybody out there :)
I kindly appreciate all the donations even though the amounts are small :)
As everybody knows i am going to Canada Cup and Northwest Major ^_^
Facing some financial problems now, so i would really appreciate anybody who
doesnt mind helping out in donating some food $$$ for my Canada trip :(
Just did some videos with Gen , Hope everybody likes it :)
Once again thanks everybody for the help and i really appreciates it ^_^
This video is a safe jump after sweep using Gen against feilong..
It works on all 5 frame and above reversal :)
This Video is Gen Crossup Oga against Feilong after backthrow ..
And Super combo into Sweep then Crossup Oga ..
The video is Gen using Crossup Oga against Yun ..
Hope everybody likes it , Because i am maining Gen now ..
I only uploads Gen video .. But however if there is any characters that you
wanna know of setups or tricks , you can request here in the comments and
i will try my best to do some videos as well .. Lastly Sorry for the bad quality
and thanks for watching !! ^_^

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I am getting really hyped for Canada Cup this year .. its my first time playing Gen
and Canada has also announced Team Japan 2 !!! Kazunoko will be in it as well :)
Kudos to Leslie who being so confident ^_^ !! Singapore !!
Have been training up alot of exceution lately and thats the reason i havent been
blogging for some time .. 
It feels like the whole world is heading down to Canada Cup to compete for the best :)
Team Europe 2 is also announced !! 
Who will be the winner? Japan? Singapore? Europe? America? Korea?
Ahahahaha everybody thinks its japan as they have a really strong team ..
But i believe every country is prepared for this ^_^
I dont wanna disappoint so i will be training even harder this few days :)
This Canada Cup is a MUST SEE !! ^_^

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Me and Zhi Analysing Matches at  Redemption Suite of Leslie  , Shungoku
Neurosis ,  Tokido , Fuudo and Mago ^_^
Cross Counter Asia !! ^_^
Hope you guys like it !!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Times pass really fast , its about 15 days to Canada cup !!
I feeling so excited for it as it gets nearer ^_^
Training up alot in execution nowadays as Gen is very technical ^^
I may be transiting at Japan for a few days for this Canada trip to shoot
some running sets with the top japanese players .. Thinking about it i feel so
excited ^^ ahahha hope i dont lose every single game LOL .. Its getting late
tomolo will be in the arcade training as usual ^^ 
Posted some videos of me in the philippiness too .. 
My Gen matches starts at 15.00 and ends at 29.30 ..
Hope everybody likes it ^_^

Monday, 17 October 2011

3 days passed really fast while i am in the philipiness !!
The guys over there from Pinoy2dfighters treats me really well ^_^
I am very happy also to win the 2v2 team tournament over there with jeremy :)
Shoot alot of stuff and videos over there , I will try to upload them asap ;)
Thanks alot once again the philipiness community for treating me so well !! ^_^
Check out www.Pinoy2Dfighters.com for more !! :)


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Will be flying to philipiness after i woke up ^_^
Theres a ssf4ae team tournament over there and i will be joining with my
disciple Jeremy ^_^ Somebody is accompying me there !! Ahahaha
I will also be shooting stuffs over there for Cross counter Asia ..
So be sure to check out their scene soon !!! ^_^

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Additional changes !! Mango cant go for Canada Cup and is replaced
by Zhi !!!! Favourite Cross Counter Asia mate !!! I am so looking forward to this
trip seriously ^_^ Canada here i come !!

2 more days and i will be in philipines ^_^

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Yes !! For people who knows i am falling dead sick these few days ..
LOL i thought i could update more often , but i finally recover at least !!
Well Team singapore will be going Canada cup !!
Thanks alot once again to Lapchi , This is the thriller ^_^

Also i will be heading to philipines this sat for tournament too !!
They look really hyped and good !! I have to work very hard to get more experience
with my Gen as well ^_^ 
Thanks alot to them for being really nice for offering to fetch me from the airport ^_^
I will be posting more about them tomolo :)
Now its time to sleep !! ^_^


Sunday, 2 October 2011

One of my favourite Cross Counter Asia Videos !! ^_^
Really happy moments in Japan ;)

Recently thanks to my friend yong de , who borrowed me a laptop ^_^
I got alot more free time on the computer ;) So i decide to blog about matchup
knowledge for people to know more about their characters and wat they can do ^_^
Today i will be blogging about 


Yun crouching mp beats sagat standing mk , However it only applies when yun is standing outside of sagat standing mk hitbox .. 

Yun crouching lk on reaction allows you to whiff against sagat mk tiger knee..

Yun crouching mk is able to whiff sagat mk tiger knee too , however timing is strict for this , cant react ..

Yun Ex shoulder on reaction against tiger shot is almost impossible ..

Yun standing hk works well against sagat , However applies when yun is out of sagat
footies range , you can also followup with lp lunge punch or Ultra1 in the corner ..

Yun buffering standing mp into shoulder work well against sagat whiff standing hk ..

Yun jump forward mk is short and fast , abuse it occasionally as its hard for sagat to 
uppercut on reaction , gives big reward as well if sagat throws a tiger shot ..

Yun must always anti air against sagat random jump in's , or when sagat tries to jump
out of the corner , keep alert at all times ..

Good Sagat players always uses ex tiger knee to push out of corner ..

Sagat players likes to do kara tiger knee or uppercut to punish yun from full screen 
after throwing tiger shots , Yun's user should prevent jumping forward or dive kick
forward too much to get in , walk slowly ocasionally using FA dash to absorb tiger shots ..

Sagat's Uppercut loses to Yun's EX upkicks and LK upkicks , however trades or win
most of the time with MK and HK upkicks ..

Lastly , Yun players should restrain on using too much dive kicks on Sagat because
good sagat players will start throwing high lp tiger shots to prevent it , Dive kick 
ocasionally and hitting on the lower part of the body is important for frame advantage ..

Yun's Backdash with timing (strict) also allows you to bait Sagat tiger uppercut and
make it whiffs completely thus punishing it , Practice hard on this ^_^

Hope everybody get better with the Sagat matchup ^_^
Cheers :)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Me and Airconman having running sets race to 7 !! Mvc3 ^_^

Monday, 26 September 2011

Saturday, 24 September 2011

 Part 1 of Me and Zhi talking AE 2012 changes is out !! ^_^ 


Friday, 23 September 2011

I am so happy because i finally found a job ^_^
My friend Yong de opening a game/lan shop soon in november :)
Thanks alot for hiring me , i really appreciate it and i will do my best ^_^
That will be after Canada cup though :) which means i can go for canada cup !!
Thanks alot to Lapchi (Canada cup gaming ) for inviting singapore this year :)
Tickets were really expensive and i wanted to thanks lapchi for sponoring half
and our lodging/accomdations over there :) (Though i still figuring out how to get
the other half LOL ~_~) , it will also be me playing Gen internationally for the first time :)

AE2012 beta changes will be uploaded soon in Cross counter asia (tomorrow) 
probably ^_^ Check it out i hope you guys will like it :)
But over here i gotta talk more deep about Gen changes in AE2012 till now :)


Not significant buffs i will not be talking :(
Crane Crouching Hard Kick has 8 active frames instead of 3 now ;)
Anti-Air will be alot easier (wont whiff because press too early)
Although i have been using more of Crouching Hp as anti-air, now i dont
need to change my stance back to Mantis just for anti-air purpose :)
Remaining in the Crane stance allows me to move/walk faster so i like this buff ^_^

Hard Kick Gekiro (Crazy!!)

Untechable knockdown , I really looking forward to this because that means after
every Oga divekick or Super combo followup with Hk Gekiro , there will be alot alot
more setups to be discover , Example safe jumps , crossup Oga dive kick(Maybe?) , 
ambigious jump in setups ^_^ So much more ;) More damage as well of course :)

Ex Jyasen (Mysterious)

It can be really strong , or rather not much difference because i dont know how the 
movement will be like :( However +8 on hit (not significant) because i would probably
FADC only on hit confirm :( Normal Jyasen +6 is good enough for me :( However ,
On block it will be +3 which means i may use this move often to apply more pressure
and block strings , its still very good !! :)

Jyasen (OMG !!!)

I really love this , because right now i cant do this move in AE against alot of 
characters like Thawk , Zangief , Yang , Yun and soo much more because its -3 and
these characters have command grab (2 frames or less) or 3 frame attacks to punish
me after they block , So changing into +2 on block makes so much differences as
i can still setup frame traps like standing mp (Mantis) against my opponent to 
catch counter hits or alot more !! ^_^

I dont usually FADC with gen because i think Gen super bar is very important :)

However, with Jyasen +6 on block i will start using FADC probably because it will deal
alot of damage i presume about (300++) damage? Most importantly its a 2 frame link
with no tough shit like (*Piano*) , so its harder to drop , yesssssssssssssss!!!

Mantis Ultra2 (Shitenketsu)

For anybody who doesnt know , i dont like using this ultra at all :(

It doesnt give me guaranteed damage and its hard to link from EX hands :(
However , changing it to 7 frames may change into using it :) Especially its possible
for anti-air purposes ^_^

Level 1 Focus Attack (Mantis Style)

More reason for me to use level 1 FA? Distance is good and doesnt put me on 
negative frame :)

Level 1 Focus Attack (Crane Style)

This change will give me a reason to use level 1 FA (crane) because i dont use it at
all because of shorter range compared to Mantis :) However , on block its on 0 frame
which means on hit will gives me an advantage? That will be really good for 
pressuring opponents and i will look out more into how to start using it ^_^

EX Oga 

Gives me more reason to use as the damage increased from 100 to 150 :)
Far kick being faster depending on how fast? If its really fast then using it as an
ambush to get near , or while block footies into fireball? We shall see :)

Tired :( Time to sleep ^_^
Nitez :P

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

After much rest , i am back to shoot more cross counter asia !!
It will be release this 2 days though :)
I am really interested if they are any more buffs in Gen ^_^
Additional new changes in AE 2012 is so interesting ..
I hope will upload the cross counter asia episode soon ^_^
But over here i will say i few very strong points that i notice :)
Strong points that really changes alot for the characters ;)


Blanka Ex Vertical Roll (Up ball)

This move now caused knockdown on hit , this really changes the gameplay for
Blanka i felt .. Because no matter in Vanilla , Super or AE , when you get Blanka into
the corner , Ex upball doesnt really exist as an option :( 
Because even if blanka ex upball on wakeup and hits opponent , alot of characters
still able to punish Blanka very serverly :( Few got examples is Ryu Super , Cammy's
Ultra or Super , Adon Ultra 1 , Dhalsim Ultra 2 , Sagat Ultra 2 and alot alot alot more :(
However , Now you really need to respect this option of Blanka because it gets a 
knockdown. Which kind of means that he can get out of the corner by jumping out
after hitting you on the Ex Ball :(
Blanka now have another good option to get out of situations instead of only the
Ex rainbow rolling attack .... This is gotta be a disaster for characters like zangief
and T-hawk and maybe more 0_o
It does have some bad point though , which it lands nearer on block :( Which means
its not that advisable to do it on wakeup midscreen , because very easy to punish
on block , but compared to the buff , This is gotta be really good for Blanka :)
It may be one of the best charge turtle character ^_^


E.Honda buff of Hp hundred hand slap (HHS)

I think it will open up more damage option for Ehonda :)
Crouching light kick x2 , crouching light punch into HHS now possible with full hits
probably , this is quite good in my option :)
Random crouching lp into HHS will get more damage as well , more hits and maybe
another possible Hk for extra damage ^_^

Quite tired cos i am actually out for the whole day :(
So i gotta sum it up abit :(
I think Ryu , Guile , Rufus , Dhalsim and Gouken received significant buffs too ^_^
Lets check out more updates tomorrow !!
I am hype for more Gen's buff !! :)
Watch Cross Counter Asia for more about the changes ;)
I will upload it as soon as it is released this 2 days ^_^
Cheers ^_^

Monday, 19 September 2011

Finally back from Hongkong !! ^_^
Had alot of fun there :)
Thanks to Gameoutttt , Followupursf , Kawing and alot more !!

Back to street fighter , Nothing has change and i still playing Gen ^_^
No upcoming tournaments recently for me too :(
Time to look for a job :(

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Part 2 of Me vs Mango ^_^

Its my 21st birthday today , I want to thanks my good friend weihan for treating
me to hongkong for a holiday , Will be taking a small break from Street fighter (maybe some updates) till this sunday !! Thanks to all greetings and watching my videos too ;)
Cheers Gen ^_^ !!

Monday, 12 September 2011

My Battle Medley Singapore 2011 Videos with Gen is up !! ^_^

Me (Gen) vs Tommy (Chun li ) - 00.18
Me (Gen) vs Raven (T-hawk) - 13.37
Me (Gen) vs Dixon (M-bison) - 22.49
Me (Gen) vs Leslie (Sagat)    - 29.32

Hope everybody likes it !!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Battle Medley Singapore is over :)
Momochi won the tournament with Cody ^_^
I got 3rd place using Gen :)
Will try to upload videos soon :)

Won Mvc3 3D challenge , and 3rd in MVC3 main tournament too ^_^
Wanted to thanks Choco Blanka for the sweet and support :)
She very nice !! ^_^

Thanks everybody who supported me throughout the tournament !!
I will work harder next time ^_^

Friday, 9 September 2011

Making my first debut with Gen at SSF4AE tournament at BMS ^_^
Momochi and ChocoBlanka will be attending as well :)
My teammates for this 3v3 is Leslie(Sagat) and Weihan(Ryu) ^_^
Hope i can perform well !! ^_^
This are some matches of me playing Gen :)
Still a long way to go , but will be working hard on it :)

Will be joining Mvc3 as well ^_^
Didnt played much for this 1 month due to too much Street fighter :(
Good luck to everybody in the tournament ^_^

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Me and Zhi talking about 2012 AE rebalances :D

M-bison watching Zhi and Poongko Dancing !! ^_^
I like this :)

I think Mike ross and Gooteck dance really well too !!
Sorry sorry !! ^_^
Cross Counter Tv Dance !! ^_^


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Cross Counter Co-Parnter Zhi is going back later :(
But he will be coming back to singapore after he is able to get a job :)
This sat has a 3v3 in singapore featuring momochi and chocoblanka ^_^
This is the thriller :D
Check it out ^_^

Sorry to everybody for the updating recently because i am 
kinda tired after shooting everyday :(
I am also looking for a job as well so time became pretty packed for me :)
Will update it more often now ^_^

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Zhi is going back to Taiwan on wednesday :(
Filming more episodes because he leave :)
This Sat and Sun is Battle medley Singapore with Momochi and Choco :)
I will be playing gen ^_^

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Its been so long since i blog :(
I didnt know what to blog too :(
I lost in the SQ qualifers to CHINA :(
Hope Gackt and Ivan do a good job in CHINA :)
Busy Shooting Cross Counter Asia :)
Stay Tuned ^_^

Friday, 26 August 2011

Choco Blanka did a interview on me !! ^_^
Here's the link ^_^

Thanks alot to Choco Blanka ;)
She's really nice ^^
Check out Momochi and Choco Blanka Blog at 


Once Again At 4pm Singapore time
SG Qualifer to CHINA ^_^
Zhi and me will be commentating and participating too :)
Will be streamed live at


Check it out !! ^_^

Thursday, 25 August 2011

 Tomolo SG qualifer for China :)
Top 2 goes to China :)
Cross Counter will be streaming it live at 4pm Singapore time :)
Me and my parnter zhi will be commentating live ;)
 Link of the stream is here :)


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I am finally back in singapore ..
Sorry for not able to upload everything that i wanted in japan 
because i doesnt have a internet in the place that i stay..
I didnt manage to get out of the pools at Godsgarden 4 :(
Lost to Itabashi Zangief , Togawa Ryu and Papaya Akuma :(
This is one of my matches on stream with Itabashi ;)

Anyway there will be a SG Qualifers this sat 27th ..
Top 2 winners will go to China to compete !! ;)
I will be preparing for this , but as well as shooting some cross counter videos too :)
Also not forgetting everybody who helped me at Godsgarden ;)
Justin Kwong , Saki , Jinki !! Thanks sooooo muchhhhhhhhh ;)
Of cos to those who donated to my blogs too !!
I will be repaying all these favours by doing more videos this few days too :p
I will try to get it done up by next week ;)
Thanks everybody for all the support these while ^_^

Godsgarden Interview 4 by Umehara Daigo ;)
Here's the link , I dont wanna post it here because i wanna give credit to the
Guy translating all from Daigo's blog ;)
Theres alot of stuff like Fuudo Interview , TOPANGA TV as well :)
Check this out ^_^


Something extra , When i am in Las Vegas 
I played against this girl Sherry jenix
Suprising she was really good lol :)
I think she was the best female viper besides Kayo police ;)
Check it out :D

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Day 3 in Japan ;)
Meet up with Kim1234 for dinner..
He brought me to a nice place..
Everybody was there in the arcade as usual..
I didnt went back to jinki house because its very far..
I asked tokido if i could stay,  he was very nice and brought me to
stay with him at his topanga office ;)
He is streaming the topanga TV now..
Me and tokido is playing LIVE now ;)
This is the link ;)

Watch live video from topangatv on ja.twitch.tv 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 2 in japan
More people in the house ..
Ojisanboy , Daigo , Kazunoko , Shungoku neuorisis , Mago , Tokido
Shiro , Poongko , Itabashi , Fuudo , Kim1234 , Bonchan and alot more !!
Itabashi was very nice to recommend me this best ramen in Shinjuku
and Jinki brought me there to eat !! Very nice !!
Daigo was playing 1v1 with Poongko , Daigo winning more of the matches
Ameriken Yang was there the whole day and yesterday ..
Had a long chat with Kim1234 and he bringing me go sightseeing on monday ;)
Took train back with him , and meeting him for dinner tomolo too
He is very friendly and nice ..
Today was getting abit better , winning more than yesterday but still losing alot..
I felt after fighting so many sagats , i still dont feel confident ..
Gotta work on that matchup more ..
Everybody seems to have their own playing style , Gotta work on their habits soon
Thats about all i am updating , gotta sleep ;(

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Finally reach japan !!
Not very used typing on this computer so i will cut everything short >.<
Thanks jinki for housing me and taking good care of me ^^
Trying really hard to stay strong but being alone most
of the time in this country doesnt help :(

Went in the acrade at Shinjuku game taito .....
Saw Fuudo , Mago , Itabashi , Tokido , Nemo , FU*K Yun , alot of ultimate rank sagat , Ultimate rank Abel (Mao She?) ...................
I kind of saw everybody besides Daigo and Kazunoko :(

I did very badly against Nemo and Fuudo :(
The Sagat was pretty amazing , The way they throw tiger shots
seems to have a pattern on opponent wake up ;)
Very tricky because Yun could hardly jump over or dive kick in ;)
To make it simple , they knew the right distance to throw the high tiger shot
and i cant do anything at that distances , Very good fake crossup lk ;)

Mao She ( Ultimate master abel ) amazes me the most ..
Their block strings were very unpredicable and forward mk too ..
The movement of his abel was very fast as well ..
Very solid choices of escape when defending too ;)

Mago was very nice !! He bought me a yun card ;)
Itabashi also offered to bring me around to the best sushi and ramen ;)
I didnt go though , cos i didnt have much to spend and i already eaten ;(
But still thanks !! @_@

Monday, 15 August 2011

I am going to Japan today !! ^_^
Will reach Tokyo on the 16th afternoon :)
Kindly thanks for everybody who has donated to my blog ^^
Your help is greatly appreciated :D
Sorry for being inactive recently, Cos i am feeling really upset
that my girlfriend just broke off with me :(
Thanks for all the kind understanding and i will be updating actively
once again after i reach Japan ^_^

Sorry for not able to do any yun videos because my friend will be reaching
at night , and i dont have enough time to do any videos :(
Kinda tight timing :(
GODSGARDEN ^_^ here i come !! ;)

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Godsgarden 4 is coming soon on the 20th !! ^_^
I am so looking forward to it :D
I got a spot to join the 64 man qualifier :D
These are the invited invited 12 people there will be already in :D

Fuudo (Fei long)
Tokido (Akuma)
Daigo (Yun)
Uryo (Sakura)
Haitani (Makoto)
Sako (Yang)
Kazunoko (Yun)
Nemo (Yang)
YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim)
RF (Sagat)
Momochi (Yun)

It will be streaming at

Well i need abit of help :(
Anybody knows japanese well?
This is the official site of godsgarden

Anybody able to translate me the the rules of the tournament?
As in Best of 3 games , 5 games or?
I only know its double elimination though :(
64 Man qualifer , how many people gets to qualify into the next round?
Thanks alot !! ^_^

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Interviews of Japanese top players Fuudo , Kindevu, Poongko
And Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada by Cross Counter And
Cross counter Asia Hosts Gootecks and Zhi ^_^

Check it out ^_^


Monday, 8 August 2011

Finally booked tickets to go Japan godsgarden ^_^
Will be reaching Haneda airport on the 16th :)
Thanks Thanks Thanks for Justin Kwong for lodging me
on the 19th , 20th and 21st ^_^
I mean seriously i really appreciate it ^_^
Thumbs up to this guy :D Hes great !!!

Ok back to sf4 , I found out alot of new yun's option select :D
New punishes , new character specific punish and stuff ^_^
Wanted to do videos but not able now because only my friend Calvin (sgfinest)
Have the equipment to record and edit the videos :(
He will be back on 14th though , so i will try to see if i am able to do some
videos before i get off to japan ^_^
Best of luck to everybody at godsgarden ^^

Finally found accomdation for all 7 days of my trip !!
Thanks to Jinki-San !! You are the best ^_^
Seriously great thanks to you , i am so glad i get to know you from last year SBO :)
So tired , time to sleep 

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Team spooky is streaming east coast SBO qualifer ^_^

Watch live video from teamsp00ky on www.twitch.tv

Hi everybody , I just started using SKYPE ^_^
Its so fun to use :D Add me at XIANMSG :)
If anybody have any questions with SSF4AE or Mvc3 or Me ,
Hopefully i could answer , feel free to video call ^_^
Enjoy your nite everybody :D
Cheers !!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Sbo qualifer live in Japan ^_^

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream
Matches of me in winners bracket top 32 ^_^
Losing against Fuudo :D

Matches of me vs Shiro in losers bracket ^_^

Me losing to floe in Marvel vs capcom 3 ^_^

Hope you guys like it ^_^

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Finally back in Singapore ^_^
Thanks everybody for the great hospitatlity in America ^_^
Posting some photos from Salty Suite and Evo :D

Thanks Everybody for always supporting me :D
Godsgarden Japan is on the 20th ^^
I feel like going , but kinda short of about $100 in food :(
Lodging in Japan is another problem so
Wonder if anybody could allows me to stay over at their places in japan?
Its probably a short trip of 3 to 4 days ^_^ Just to join godsgarden qualifer ;)
Donation button is on the right  >>>>
Any Amount is kindly appreciated ^_^
Once again thanks and i will be doing more videos in return for everybody *_*
I am kinda saving up now , but transport and food are pretty expensive in japan :(
If anybody could help , I will try my best ^_^
Thanks alot for everybody who supported me :D 

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sorry guys for not updating for so long :(
Been busy with Evo stuffs ^^
Just finished shooting Cross Counter Episode 3 too :)
WIll get it up as soon as its finish editing :p
Cross Counter Excellent Adventures is out too :)
Sorry for late update :'(

This is also the link to Salty Suite Singapore vs Japan :(
Singapore lost 4-3 unfortunately but manage to beat Canada and Korea :D