Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Finally reach japan !!
Not very used typing on this computer so i will cut everything short >.<
Thanks jinki for housing me and taking good care of me ^^
Trying really hard to stay strong but being alone most
of the time in this country doesnt help :(

Went in the acrade at Shinjuku game taito .....
Saw Fuudo , Mago , Itabashi , Tokido , Nemo , FU*K Yun , alot of ultimate rank sagat , Ultimate rank Abel (Mao She?) ...................
I kind of saw everybody besides Daigo and Kazunoko :(

I did very badly against Nemo and Fuudo :(
The Sagat was pretty amazing , The way they throw tiger shots
seems to have a pattern on opponent wake up ;)
Very tricky because Yun could hardly jump over or dive kick in ;)
To make it simple , they knew the right distance to throw the high tiger shot
and i cant do anything at that distances , Very good fake crossup lk ;)

Mao She ( Ultimate master abel ) amazes me the most ..
Their block strings were very unpredicable and forward mk too ..
The movement of his abel was very fast as well ..
Very solid choices of escape when defending too ;)

Mago was very nice !! He bought me a yun card ;)
Itabashi also offered to bring me around to the best sushi and ramen ;)
I didnt go though , cos i didnt have much to spend and i already eaten ;(
But still thanks !! @_@

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