Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I'm back !!!

Hello guys! Sorry for the lack of activity in updating! 

Its really been a long time since i update my blog .. but since there are so many
thoughts in my head i guess i should just do it..

I am on the flight to melbourne this weekend for BAM , this weekend will be another ranking event for capcom pro tour as well , looking at my current capcom pro tour points

Look what the hell was that 4 points lol

This year has been pretty much really tiring since the launch of SFV on feb16th.
There are so many ranking events all over the world however i am only manage to
go 2 premiums final round and NCR. I didnt felt i was ready yet but i just wanna go
and see how i would fare and how everyone was doing in this new game, I got 25th
place in final round and 9th in NCR , it really wasnt what i want as i kinda wanna get
top 8 at least , but everless i learn alot from playing in these 2 tournaments and
staying in fchamp place. Its been a good training journey for 2 weeks but travelling
just didnt stop , i did have a plan thinking of try to stay in america for more ranking
events and experience but since SFV crash is at the same time in korea. It took up
most of my schedule for till june , i am happy TEAM RAZER we have progress into
the top 4 for SFV crash and we are probably heading back about 2 weeks later.
Redbull kumite so far is the best event i join this year , really great production and
stuff , i am only one of the invited players for redbull kumite too , really happy to
be able to come back my 2nd year in a row

Sometimes life is ridiculous , I am have practicing this matchup for sometime and i

actually really hate it , even though i am very good at this matchup i felt. Out of the 15
people , i just dont wanna play against cammy. Like COME ON whats the chance , and i get the strongest cammy among everyone lol
Its like come on my luck cant be this bad , and the match has to end in a double ko.
Well i guess its been a exciting match for the audience but sadly i still didnt managed
to close it out. Sad 9th place for redbull kumite for me , i was mentally broken losing
to cammy but well its been a month and i think i am now more ready for this matchup
so lets see.

I also went to Kuwait as well for Kuwait Battle Royale , thanks Fikra for inviting me

to this event. I always like kuwait as the people are really nice and i have some cool
friends there hahaha this is also my first tournament of this year and its in Kuwait
again , Kuwait is kinda my lucky place hahaha

Right now i am on the flight to melbourne , its been sometime since i saw somanic.

Its also been sometime since i visit Melbourne as well , i definely dont miss the cold
weather as i really hate cold weathers lol especially those windy kind you know. This
weekend will have all the australia players , Momochi , Mago and Haitani. I dont have
much info on the australia players so i concentrated on practicing on Ken , Karin and
Necali for this weekend.My confidence level for these characters will probably be in
this sequence

Karin -> Ken -> Necali

Well will update more about whats going on this weekend , dont forget to check

here for more! Oh and i am sitting this scoot flight , somehow forget to VISA for australia ,forget to add baggage , forget to change $$ , lost my hp charger cable. What a amzing day isnt it lol . Lucky i can buy VISA at the airport , add baggage on the spot and change $$ at the airport , but well it cost alot more of course and i am irritated -.-
i am gotta charge my handphone fully on this scoot airline that has payable wifi and
payable charging port at least , will be looking for skybus i think to go to the city to
find somanic , this trip hopefully will be fun and i look forward to play more FANG. My
first ranking event tournament this year lets get some points! This year will be tough!