Monday, 31 October 2011

Reach Japan with Real deal and Yong De !!
Went to check in hotel immediately and eat RAMEN !! 
After that went to shinjuku taito station to practice :) Saw daigo playing
with akuma mostly , iyo was there too .. and Kazunoko is playing with the Seth
card , beating up iyo few games before he left 0_o
Seth going to be his new upcoming character for 2012 ver?? :0

In between we meet up with Naruo and Kim1234 to run some running sets at 
our hotel :) Its was really fun , had really close matches up till last round last circle ^_^
Will be out soon  , i lost to Naruo Ryu 4-5 and won Kim1234 5-4 .. 
Naruo Ryu was very impressive , which Kim1234 said 1 of the best Ryu he seen..
Very good reactions and zoning game with strong anti air 0_o
The running sets were really exciting !!
Ok will update more , shall head off to sleep 

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  1. What happened to Team Singapore at Canada Cup?? I thought you guys would have beaten one team. But I have confidence that your Gen will get better with each tourney.