Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I am finally back in singapore ..
Sorry for not able to upload everything that i wanted in japan 
because i doesnt have a internet in the place that i stay..
I didnt manage to get out of the pools at Godsgarden 4 :(
Lost to Itabashi Zangief , Togawa Ryu and Papaya Akuma :(
This is one of my matches on stream with Itabashi ;)

Anyway there will be a SG Qualifers this sat 27th ..
Top 2 winners will go to China to compete !! ;)
I will be preparing for this , but as well as shooting some cross counter videos too :)
Also not forgetting everybody who helped me at Godsgarden ;)
Justin Kwong , Saki , Jinki !! Thanks sooooo muchhhhhhhhh ;)
Of cos to those who donated to my blogs too !!
I will be repaying all these favours by doing more videos this few days too :p
I will try to get it done up by next week ;)
Thanks everybody for all the support these while ^_^

Godsgarden Interview 4 by Umehara Daigo ;)
Here's the link , I dont wanna post it here because i wanna give credit to the
Guy translating all from Daigo's blog ;)
Theres alot of stuff like Fuudo Interview , TOPANGA TV as well :)
Check this out ^_^


Something extra , When i am in Las Vegas 
I played against this girl Sherry jenix
Suprising she was really good lol :)
I think she was the best female viper besides Kayo police ;)
Check it out :D


  1. Damn, I watched this match on the live stream & I still cant believe that Ultra managed to grab you. It seemed like it couldnt connect at all.

    Anyway, dont give up, I'm sure you will get better!

  2. Aww, man, so close! Still, very good job. Don't stop fighting!