Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Difference between Arcade Scene and Console Scene in Singapore

Singapore South East Asia Major is coming soon with more than 100+ internationals going to be in the event , More than $3000 prize pot for Street fighter.. More than $1k prize pot for Marvel , also many many other games going along .. Check out the latest trailer below ..

Why do people play in Arcade , and why do some play in Console (Tough Cookie Gaming Cafe) in singapore?

SImple reasons for me , I play in Tough Cookie because i wanna get used to PS3 timing , so as to prepare for the majors coming ahead.. My experience playing in the acrade has been kinda bad nowadays because of the LAG Issues in our singapore arcade machine , we have more than 3 different kind of timings for all the cabinets and whats worse is even the best 1 , is way laggier than playing on PS3. So when i play in arcade it just feels like i am playing online all day ..

I bump into all kind of different opponents in different acrades , but i notice everybody had a similiar playstyle .. People just likes to jump in on you no matter which character they are using.. What makes it worse?  Even when i was baiting the anti-air , my anti air always get stuffed out because i pressed it too late (Due to the lag issues) .. Footsies also not reactable .. Tech throw timings are weird.. Frame traps is kinda random to get.. 

What does that means?

IT means if i am a strong player playing in the arcade , i will never become as good internationally or playing in xbox or ps3 cabinets due to weird timings.. This kinda remind of how XIAOHAI from China been dropping combos everywhere in oversea tournaments that he join .. He misses the simplest bread and butter combo for cammy all day in EVO .. In TOPANGA Asia League.. Because China Cabinets is really laggy as well .. The only place in the world i know who has good arcade cabinets is only Japan...

It comes down to why are you playing the game in the arcade? Because its easier to win that way because you can just jump like a monkey all day and people cant anti air you? Or you just like playing mind games , without the ability to react to most of the things? I couldnt find the reason , which is why i left the arcade .. i go on playing console , stop playing arcade for about 2 years.. this is also how i get the results today .. doing better in international tournament and stuff..

If i am playing Street Fighter for 4 years , then i wasted 2 years playing in the arcade. My footsies were so ass in the arcade as well as my anti air , even after 2 years .. i Just repeat vortex to kill people.. If you think its hard to block top tier characters in console , imagine a laggy akuma and cammy doing vortex??

Travelling around the world this 2 years gaming , makes me realise Console Scene is sooo much more important. Because the world most competitvely players all play on CONSOLE..  Tough Cookie eventually surfaced in singapore , A place where you can play PS3 and XBOX with high level players .. thats when i stop playing in Arcade..

After saying so much , if you wanna get better in fighting games.. Support Tough Cookie and look for me. I will make you into a much better player :)
Let me build up the fighting game scene in Singapore , My Goal will be making everbody who plays street fighter at a decent or high level ..

Join South East Asia Major and support our major if you play fighting games , With all the interntionnal names like Tokido , Justinwong , Mike Ross , Yubiken (Japanese players ) and much much more .. you wont regret it  ^_^