Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kular Lumpur Street fighter 4 AE 2012 tournament..
Went over there few days ago , saw alot of familiar faces in the tournament..
Its been long since i went to Malaysia for tournament again ..
I fought against Chuan in the grand finals , its was really intense ..
I glad that i took it down 3-2 .. if he manage to reset it , it will be alot harder ..
The most diffcult opponent i fought was probably Andy , Chuan and Keane Hi ..
But i didnt face Keane Hi in the tournament .. I played some casuals with him though..
The people there treat me really nice despite if was my second time going to Malaysia
for tournament already .. They brought me to eat as well after the tournament ^_^
The food was really nice , i think i gotten fatter zZz

Here are some pictures of the tournament

This coming Sat 28/04/12 , there is a 5v5 tournament at tough cookie gaming cafe..
Registering at the tournament also means free play for the whole day !!
So be sure to come down and support the tournament :)
If you wanna get some help for your character you could ask me too ^_^
Hope to see you guys this Sat ^_^

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Guys for quite update i changed my mail to Xian@teamdm.asia ..
you guys can mail to this now instead  ^_^

I will also have my own jersey and customised stick soon 
so stay stuned !! ^_^

Tomorrow 13th april will be an event where i will play couple of race to 10 against our
singapore top players :)

Here the lineout 

For kof 13 probably Skye or Oswald
Street fighter 4 AE 2012  , Sherman or Leslie
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 , Rchusan
SF x Tekken , Unknown lol

Will be updating the time later in awhile , so be sure to jump up to our stream tomorrow !! see you guys on stream tomorrow ^_^

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Finally blogging again , been too lazy for the past few weeks lol
I am finally back at singapore after going columbus MLG for kof 13 and
big 2 at new york ..
I have alot of fun at the cities in new york , though columbus was pretty much boring
as there are not much things to walk around :'(

I lost pretty much badly at MLG to romance and skye (my singapore mate) ..
I will train harder and be back for the next MLG :(
Skye did pretty well though getting 5th losing to Mr KOF just by a pixel ..
I hope he dont get demoralised and decide to go back once again too :)

Next i went to new york Big2 , for people who doesnt know actually i am very 
impressed by ChrisG umvc3 , i like his morrigan alot as i think its takes alot of
skill to play a good morrigan :)
 I lost to him and chrisG in sfx tekken , they are way better than me , i need to buck
up in this game lol , my abel is kind of pulling me down and i need to improve on my
abel :( 
In umvc3 , i bascially almost get thrashed by anyone there lol 
Amercia umvc3 is just too good for me , time for me to go back and train :'(

I only won ssf4ae 2012 there , dieminion is my toughest opponent i think..
I had a hard time against ChrisG too at the start , but it seems like he dont really play
much anymore , his sakura style is very unique and i had a tough time adapting against
him :( i also think he actually could have won , if he know abit more about how to fight
against Gen , he doesnt seems to know the matchup too , but he's a strong player so 
he adapt well against me too , very strong opponent .. definely would like to play him
more if i had the chance :)

Ok i will blog again soon , seems like next tournament may be CEO and MLG since
its about the same date near each other ^_^
Lastly , i really wanted to thanks Deperation Move (DM) for sending me to this MLG 
and Big2 , i had alot of fun there and everything issnt possible with DM :)
Appreciated it ^_^
Cheers !!