Friday, 21 February 2014

Episode 5 of Razer Xian's Academy is up now !!

Will be heading to Cannes for IVGC in a few days time , Going to training mode to practice for all the top players in Europe that is heading there.. Cant wait to see everyone there !! I will be updating my journey in Cannes as well on my twitter Xianmsg , so dont forget to follow me for more updates !!

Over here i would like to thanks everyone who likes my private coaching , I have more free time now so if anybody wants 1 to 1 private coaching ,  feel free to just send me an email at .. What i will help you with is

- Getting better with your character
- Better understanding of why you are not winning consistenly
- Analysing of your match videos and help you get better
- Analysing your opponent for you
- Tips and tricks for your character

Thanks for all the support guys

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Razer Xian streaming wednesday on 9pm GMT+8 at .. 

Topics  i will cover tomorrow will be

- Advanced footises

- Charge Characters

- Playing on XBOX Live , Training for next tournament IVGC in Cannes

- Questions and answers about RZR Xian

For those who miss out on Razer Xian's Academy Episode 4 , its now up on youtube !! 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Episode 4 of Razer Xian's Academy is uploaded !! This time with RZR Gackt ^_^
Revealing some strategies on the feilong sagat matchup..

For people asking me regarding on Razer Game Booster , You can download them at 
Basically i use it to record my matches and review them when i play online on PC , it can also be used for other games like starcraft , dota etc.. Its pretty user friendly , i upload a footage as well , you can use HD to watch it if you want it to be clearer..

Lastly hope everybody have a good valentines day with your love ones , dont forget to stay tune into more Razer's Xian Academy every wednesday 9pm gmt+8 ..

Next tournament i am attending will be IVGC at cannes , EMP Dieminion and Bala will also be attending ..

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Special Guest Appearance for tomorrow RZR Gackt will be on RAZER Xian's Academy Episode 4 , Same timing 9pm GMT+8 .. Dont forget to tune in to see gackt reveals his secret techniques and tricks !!  Check it out at

Contents for tomorrow will be

- RZR Gackt revealing feilong technique and tricks

-XBOX live gameplay and discussion with RZR Gackt and RZR Xian

-Questions and Answers for us

-Talking about next tournament attendance for both RZR Gackt and RZR Xian

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Episode 3 of Razer Xian's Academy is up !!

Content about Episode 3 Razer Xian's Academy are

-Special moves that change hurtbox (Juri, Ibuki)

-Solid safe block strings that covers many options

-How to get out of Gen's Oga Mixup..

Hope everybody's enjoy Xian's Secret of Fighting Game.. Next week Razer Xian's Academy Episode 4 will be a special episode because i have a special guest RZR Gackt revealing his tricks of Fei Long !! So dont forget to tune in every week 9pm GMT+8 to watch on LIVE !!

Regarding Episode 2 .. I couldnt get it upload but if people are interested they can actually view it at .. Its part of the archive however you have to be a subscriber to watch it.. Please support me by subscribing because that will encourage me to reveal more secrets and content !!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ok so i am now offically Razer Xian .. Together with Razer Gackt.. Thanks Razer so much for sponsoring us .. we are very proud to be part of Razer ^_^ Will be bring more OGA's and Rekka all over the world !!

So yes tonight is Razer Xian's Academy again !! Tonight topics that i will be covering is simply more knowledge about street fighter 4 arcade edition that you could only learn from Xian's Academy .. what does that mean?

- Showing off knowledge about moves/ultras that have weird properties and how to use it in a real match

- Showing off how to catch a backdash with/without an option select..

- Playing on XBOX live trolling everyone ^_^

- Questions and answers about Razer Xian

So dont forget to tune in tonight at 9pm GMT+8 to watch Razer Xian's Academy !!

You can watch it at

Will have bonus features for today since its the first RAZER edition.. will be showing off everyone how to get out of OGA setups without guessing a 50/50 !!

Sorry that i haven been blogging the past week.. Because i went to Germany for ESGN TV again !! Have a very fun and exciting time there .. I like it soo much.. but well stay tune for the next ESGN TV Season 2 !!