Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Back from China trip ..

Day 1 - I reached the tournament arena ,  played abit on the tournament setups and realise the timing was pretty weird , seems to have abit of slight input lag. But well i know i just have to adapt to it , follow up was the friendly tournament of 5v5 . Internationals were in a team which consist of me , poongko , mike ross , combofiend and sako. We fought till the very end and lost in the grand finals against team china team consist of xiaohai , dakou and ah bao. I managed to get 1st win as they send me off first facing a honda  , after i won the honda , xiaohai (small kid) yun came along , it came down to the last pixel of the last game and i lost. After which sako get in and won xiaohai , next team china sent out ah bao(yang) and basically ocv the rest of our team , thats the end and i went back together with the hk guys and head out to eat some really good food, HK people really knows where are the good food ahahhahahaha

Day 2 - Headed to play the tournament , played against followupursf from hk for the first game , had a really tough fight but managed to sneak off a win. Next was yun ... then yun .. then yun again .. LOL .. so my day ended going into the top 16 for the next day , alot of internationals didnt manage to get out of the pools because there were so many yun , yang and feilong lol.. After that went back to the hotel to slack for awhile before heading off with the hk guys to 1 of the clubs to drink , had alot of fun with them , they were very nice.. Gameouttt , Lin lao , sl hiro , kenny and more ....


  1. Xian, this is Theorical from srk forums.

    How did you deal with Followupursf's Dictator?

    Lately I've been feeling like dropping Gen due to the rapes I take from much easier execution characters (pussying out :D).

  2. Theorical , maybe we could chat on skype , my skype is xianmsg .. its easier :)