Friday, 14 September 2012

Too free , so decide to go blogging today ..
I didnt have any majors coming on recently , at least not for this month ..
So i didnt know anything that i would blog LOL ^_^

Well i will make it short , the next tournament is probably at malaysia ..
On the Oct 20th , be sure to check back for updates :D

On the other hand , tomorrow will be my birthday ..
So i am getting out of here for now ^_^
Cheers !

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How long i never update blog already !! Hello everybody ^_^
Been since EVO? lol am i too lazy? or been losing too much that i forgot i still have a blog to write hahaha ^^ After Evo , 25th anniversary , i lost to filipinoman and ryan hart , followed by at taiwan losing to infiltration and gameouttt. Got to say i am pretty impressed by infiltration , that was the first time i actually played him in a tournament even though i seen him countless time :)

I almost forgot what happened at both tournaments -_-" but it has been a really stressful period for me , haha preparing to go tournament is so tired .. At least i think i have a month break for now , before i am attending anymore tournament i guess ^_^
Not really sure when is the nearest coming 1 as well..

Recently has been playing alot of persona 4 , getting a little addicted to it lol .. I play yukiko , she seems to be really fun haha .. Life goes on as usual i am at tough cookie working most of the days , tired but yet fun.. Though recently felt a little lonely , maybe been too long since i have a girlfriend? hahaa and yay i know i shouldnt be blogging about personal life since its sf4 blog right lololoool

But i guess i will blog everything a little , for guys following my blog , you should see that i am a really lousy blogger , i am lazy yet lousy too lol .. But i just say whatever comes up to mind haha

I haven been touching sf4 since i came back from taiwan 25th anniversary street fighter 4 tournament , but i will be getting back in track soon.. Shall work a little harder going into the lab , Felt that i have been dropping much combos recently.. Wanted to change my Hk Gekiro timing i can be more consistent when playing tournaments or even casuals .. Just wait awhile more , have fun first playing persona 4 first? hahaa

Lack of accompany is pretty bad , but i realise playing games that i like really make me happy.. Tournament is stressful because of expectations , but going into the lab figuring out new stuff is an amazing feeling .. I start ot enjoy it alot more for some reason lol

There's a player who has been giving me some deep impression , A bison player .. His from America Happy Medicine , i look up a little bit manage to see his videos .. knowing he get 2nd for the capcom 25th anniversary for 1 of the qualifer.. He seems to be getting more and more solid , he's a nice guy too .. Hope the next time i will see him again in the states ^_^

Ok its going to be morning here , love all you guys out there reading
Cheers ^_^