Sunday, 4 January 2015

Just saw the Canada Cup Master Series Event Room by Lapchi!
This looks so sick!
I am so looking forward to this now , gotta go practice now !!

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Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Next Oversea tournament! Canada Cup Master Series Round Robin FT 7 format!
if you actually ask me , i think this tournament have alot of matchups that i dont really like.. Zangief .. Evil ryu .. Yun .. Zangief .. Rose .. and El Fuerte -_-


I haven got the chance to play Kazunoko since the last exibition i beat him in AE 2012 in Japan. Nonetheless to say now Yun has gotten stronger and Gen getting weaker is definely gotta affect me , he is one of the opponent i dont really wanna face.


Hadnt really heard much news from him as he hasnt been joining alot of tournaments lately , he is definely a strong force to reckon with.. Also he plays Yun , Evil Ryu and Cammy mainly all the top tiers and all is tough for Gen so i definely wont have a good time with this too :(


The EVO Champ 2014! I feel i have practice quite alot in this matchup as i used to lose to rose alot , but i have managed to beat him in the last 2 encounters EVO 2014 and Capcom Cup .. However he also knows my style very well so will see if luck turns out on whose favour on that day 


I wanted to say i really hate this character in ultra lol , but i think in ultra sf4 version 1.04 , his green hand got nerf and i think it may change quite alot.. I look forward to playing him again 


ok.. i dont really know el fuerte.. counter picking my way i guess hahahhaha .. so what is el fuerte's worse matchup? hahahhahaha


Very Strong opponent , Ever since he pick Evil Ryu i felt that he give me a very hard time due to character advantage as well.. Will be brushing up and look forward to playing him again :)

Oh and i am heading to Calagry once again , i cant really remeber the last time i went there , but its been 1-2 years at least.. I wanna see Peter again from canada , A ken player who took care of me really well .. Hope will get the chance to hang out again and see you guys next week at Canada!

Next wednesday 7th Jan 9pm (GMT +8) will be Razer Xian's Academy 42 ! I will be talking about my trip and playing online behind i fly off on 8th jan.. Hope everyone is getting a good new year! Dont forget to tune in at