Monday, 15 August 2011

I am going to Japan today !! ^_^
Will reach Tokyo on the 16th afternoon :)
Kindly thanks for everybody who has donated to my blog ^^
Your help is greatly appreciated :D
Sorry for being inactive recently, Cos i am feeling really upset
that my girlfriend just broke off with me :(
Thanks for all the kind understanding and i will be updating actively
once again after i reach Japan ^_^

Sorry for not able to do any yun videos because my friend will be reaching
at night , and i dont have enough time to do any videos :(
Kinda tight timing :(
GODSGARDEN ^_^ here i come !! ;)


  1. Xian, f that bish. There's plenty of other girls out there. Now you can play more street fighter =)

  2. gogogo!! i know you can do well! =D

  3. Seem as we have things in common :) Yes woman hates us guys playing games... of course there are other reasons but many are just excuses.