Friday, 17 February 2012

Sydney was great !! About 8 hours later will be the starting of OZHADOU tournament..
I join 4 games , KOF , SSF4AE2012 , SOULCALIBUR 5 and UMVC3 ..
I hope i will do well this time .. Now staying with james , Hakan and javier ..

Really nice place , went to the venue to check out abit as well far so good.
Definely not forgetting to thanks Henry Sham for always bring me around ..
Especially good food :) Lastly , but almost most importantly is to thanks my sponsor
Desperation Move(DM) for sponsoring me , Everything couldnt have been possible
with him. Greatly appreciated ^_^
DM|Xian is gotta be my new name hahaha
Well , i gotta go sleep now  more to prepare my energy for tomorrow :)
Although i just woke up and been sleeping quite alot hahaha

Will try to keep ya updated


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Thanks to Raymus guide in SC5  , i am starting to get better in Soul calibur 5 ..
But still pretty much suck at it :'(
Played more Umvc3 these few days while at shop ,  have been losing alot recently in
UMVC3 , really have to put in more effort to buck up soon ..
Street fighter stays the same , and i am still pretty much lazy to test out some of the
setups for Gen :'( , Ozhadou is coming up soon and i guess i got to put in more work :(

Most of the time now i am pretty much free i realise , so anybody who wants to find me
at parklane tough cookie gaming cafe for some matches or needs me to touch , can
just drop by , If you dont wanna play me you can play with Zhi too hahahaha
Business is picking up a little in Tough cookie Gaming Cafe and i hope things get 
better and better :)

9 more days before i travel to Australia , kinda miss it as i haven been there for about
a year , will be seeing all the nice people who treats me well there .. Before i forget
i wanted to thanks Henry Sham for taking good care of the accomdations over there ..
Without him , things will be so much tougher for me :)

Thats about all i have for today ^_^
Cheers ^^

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tough Cooking gaming cafe !! 
Its located at Parklane Shopping Mall 35 Selegie road , 2nd floor 02-25B
Walk up the Escalator and you will probably see me there :)
I am working there , and yes i finally got a job ^_^
Rates are at $2/hour and you can play any console games (PS3 or Xbox) ..
It also have good Xbox live connection so you can play with good players from
japan too !!
Its open from morning 11am to 3am , most of the time you can see me there too ^^

Well i recently starting playing SC 5 , using Zwei for now but may be changing lol
Seem really hard to use :'(
There will be a SC 5 tournament today and UMVC 3 tournament today too ..
Over here (Tough Cooking gaming cafe) from 7pm to 12pm today :)

Back to street fighter , if anybody wants to teach them to level up their gameplay ,
feel free to add me at SKYPE , my id is Xianmsg ..
I can finally play online too , so i will play with you and guide you after the match..
I dont really wanna charge people for trying to learn the game so its free ^_^
But if you like what i am doing , of course you can Donate to me (any amount) ^_^
I hope everybody like it , and thanks for watching my blog all these while , its been 
half a year since i started blogging and i like doing it too ^_^
Also to add on i can only teach SSF4AE 2012 and KOF 13 as i am not that good with
UMVC 3 and SC5 , i am a scrub in SC 5 lol i need people to teach me ahahhahahaha

Hope you guys have a good new ahead :)
Cheers !!