Sunday, 2 October 2011

One of my favourite Cross Counter Asia Videos !! ^_^
Really happy moments in Japan ;)

Recently thanks to my friend yong de , who borrowed me a laptop ^_^
I got alot more free time on the computer ;) So i decide to blog about matchup
knowledge for people to know more about their characters and wat they can do ^_^
Today i will be blogging about 


Yun crouching mp beats sagat standing mk , However it only applies when yun is standing outside of sagat standing mk hitbox .. 

Yun crouching lk on reaction allows you to whiff against sagat mk tiger knee..

Yun crouching mk is able to whiff sagat mk tiger knee too , however timing is strict for this , cant react ..

Yun Ex shoulder on reaction against tiger shot is almost impossible ..

Yun standing hk works well against sagat , However applies when yun is out of sagat
footies range , you can also followup with lp lunge punch or Ultra1 in the corner ..

Yun buffering standing mp into shoulder work well against sagat whiff standing hk ..

Yun jump forward mk is short and fast , abuse it occasionally as its hard for sagat to 
uppercut on reaction , gives big reward as well if sagat throws a tiger shot ..

Yun must always anti air against sagat random jump in's , or when sagat tries to jump
out of the corner , keep alert at all times ..

Good Sagat players always uses ex tiger knee to push out of corner ..

Sagat players likes to do kara tiger knee or uppercut to punish yun from full screen 
after throwing tiger shots , Yun's user should prevent jumping forward or dive kick
forward too much to get in , walk slowly ocasionally using FA dash to absorb tiger shots ..

Sagat's Uppercut loses to Yun's EX upkicks and LK upkicks , however trades or win
most of the time with MK and HK upkicks ..

Lastly , Yun players should restrain on using too much dive kicks on Sagat because
good sagat players will start throwing high lp tiger shots to prevent it , Dive kick 
ocasionally and hitting on the lower part of the body is important for frame advantage ..

Yun's Backdash with timing (strict) also allows you to bait Sagat tiger uppercut and
make it whiffs completely thus punishing it , Practice hard on this ^_^

Hope everybody get better with the Sagat matchup ^_^
Cheers :)


  1. Thanks for the matchup knowledge, and loving CC Asia

  2. thanks for watching as well !!