Friday, 11 November 2011

Canada cup 2011 is over :(
Calary is so cold !! But i have fun over there :)
Thanks Peter , Zang ,Julie for housing me and driving around !!
Appreciated it ^_^
Not to forget Lapchi , the big boss for making canada cup 2011 happen :)
I am now in seattle and attending the northwest major :)
tomolo 4pm friday i will be playing teams first :)
I am teaming with fchamp and gootecks ^_^
Hope we can do well !!

I also starting streaming as well , ..
Hope everybody likes it !! I will update on facebook , twitter or blog
everytime i stream , if anything you guys wanna ask me can hook me up there :)
See ya guys i am tired ^_^


  1. when are you streaming? Your Gen is great!

  2. I'm happy with your overall performance at CC. The one thing I notice you do when you play vs projectile characters is you dash back a lot, resulting in getting his with a projectile, usually EX. Good job making top 32 my friend.