Monday, 31 October 2011

Reach Japan with Real deal and Yong De !!
Went to check in hotel immediately and eat RAMEN !! 
After that went to shinjuku taito station to practice :) Saw daigo playing
with akuma mostly , iyo was there too .. and Kazunoko is playing with the Seth
card , beating up iyo few games before he left 0_o
Seth going to be his new upcoming character for 2012 ver?? :0

In between we meet up with Naruo and Kim1234 to run some running sets at 
our hotel :) Its was really fun , had really close matches up till last round last circle ^_^
Will be out soon  , i lost to Naruo Ryu 4-5 and won Kim1234 5-4 .. 
Naruo Ryu was very impressive , which Kim1234 said 1 of the best Ryu he seen..
Very good reactions and zoning game with strong anti air 0_o
The running sets were really exciting !!
Ok will update more , shall head off to sleep 

Friday, 28 October 2011

Team Singapore t-shirts !! Red and White colour avaliable :)
Hey guys i will be travelling to Japan , Calary and Northwest Major at Seaahto
(sorry i forgot how to spell) LOL .. Anybody who are interested in these shirts
i will be delivering there for you !! ^_^ Ryu , Sagat , Zangief , Gen and Viper
are the characters drawn on the shrits if you cant see clearly ..
You can also choose with or without the Canada cup logo at the right ^_^
It's 20usd per t-shirt :)

I will be wearing it during Canada Cup too !!!!
Updating more videos before i fly to Canada Cup !!
This video is Gen vs Akuma , a simple mixup for gen..
And if akuma tries to teleport out of corner .. the teleport will auto correct :)
This is the new feilong combo i seen from mago ..

Thursday, 27 October 2011

In appreciation of everybody visiting my blog , i am doing some videos
out for everybody out there :)
I kindly appreciate all the donations even though the amounts are small :)
As everybody knows i am going to Canada Cup and Northwest Major ^_^
Facing some financial problems now, so i would really appreciate anybody who
doesnt mind helping out in donating some food $$$ for my Canada trip :(
Just did some videos with Gen , Hope everybody likes it :)
Once again thanks everybody for the help and i really appreciates it ^_^
This video is a safe jump after sweep using Gen against feilong..
It works on all 5 frame and above reversal :)
This Video is Gen Crossup Oga against Feilong after backthrow ..
And Super combo into Sweep then Crossup Oga ..
The video is Gen using Crossup Oga against Yun ..
Hope everybody likes it , Because i am maining Gen now ..
I only uploads Gen video .. But however if there is any characters that you
wanna know of setups or tricks , you can request here in the comments and
i will try my best to do some videos as well .. Lastly Sorry for the bad quality
and thanks for watching !! ^_^

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I am getting really hyped for Canada Cup this year .. its my first time playing Gen
and Canada has also announced Team Japan 2 !!! Kazunoko will be in it as well :)
Kudos to Leslie who being so confident ^_^ !! Singapore !!
Have been training up alot of exceution lately and thats the reason i havent been
blogging for some time .. 
It feels like the whole world is heading down to Canada Cup to compete for the best :)
Team Europe 2 is also announced !! 
Who will be the winner? Japan? Singapore? Europe? America? Korea?
Ahahahaha everybody thinks its japan as they have a really strong team ..
But i believe every country is prepared for this ^_^
I dont wanna disappoint so i will be training even harder this few days :)
This Canada Cup is a MUST SEE !! ^_^

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Me and Zhi Analysing Matches at  Redemption Suite of Leslie  , Shungoku
Neurosis ,  Tokido , Fuudo and Mago ^_^
Cross Counter Asia !! ^_^
Hope you guys like it !!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Times pass really fast , its about 15 days to Canada cup !!
I feeling so excited for it as it gets nearer ^_^
Training up alot in execution nowadays as Gen is very technical ^^
I may be transiting at Japan for a few days for this Canada trip to shoot
some running sets with the top japanese players .. Thinking about it i feel so
excited ^^ ahahha hope i dont lose every single game LOL .. Its getting late
tomolo will be in the arcade training as usual ^^ 
Posted some videos of me in the philippiness too .. 
My Gen matches starts at 15.00 and ends at 29.30 ..
Hope everybody likes it ^_^

Monday, 17 October 2011

3 days passed really fast while i am in the philipiness !!
The guys over there from Pinoy2dfighters treats me really well ^_^
I am very happy also to win the 2v2 team tournament over there with jeremy :)
Shoot alot of stuff and videos over there , I will try to upload them asap ;)
Thanks alot once again the philipiness community for treating me so well !! ^_^
Check out for more !! :)


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Will be flying to philipiness after i woke up ^_^
Theres a ssf4ae team tournament over there and i will be joining with my
disciple Jeremy ^_^ Somebody is accompying me there !! Ahahaha
I will also be shooting stuffs over there for Cross counter Asia ..
So be sure to check out their scene soon !!! ^_^

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Additional changes !! Mango cant go for Canada Cup and is replaced
by Zhi !!!! Favourite Cross Counter Asia mate !!! I am so looking forward to this
trip seriously ^_^ Canada here i come !!

2 more days and i will be in philipines ^_^

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Yes !! For people who knows i am falling dead sick these few days ..
LOL i thought i could update more often , but i finally recover at least !!
Well Team singapore will be going Canada cup !!
Thanks alot once again to Lapchi , This is the thriller ^_^

Also i will be heading to philipines this sat for tournament too !!
They look really hyped and good !! I have to work very hard to get more experience
with my Gen as well ^_^ 
Thanks alot to them for being really nice for offering to fetch me from the airport ^_^
I will be posting more about them tomolo :)
Now its time to sleep !! ^_^


Sunday, 2 October 2011

One of my favourite Cross Counter Asia Videos !! ^_^
Really happy moments in Japan ;)

Recently thanks to my friend yong de , who borrowed me a laptop ^_^
I got alot more free time on the computer ;) So i decide to blog about matchup
knowledge for people to know more about their characters and wat they can do ^_^
Today i will be blogging about 


Yun crouching mp beats sagat standing mk , However it only applies when yun is standing outside of sagat standing mk hitbox .. 

Yun crouching lk on reaction allows you to whiff against sagat mk tiger knee..

Yun crouching mk is able to whiff sagat mk tiger knee too , however timing is strict for this , cant react ..

Yun Ex shoulder on reaction against tiger shot is almost impossible ..

Yun standing hk works well against sagat , However applies when yun is out of sagat
footies range , you can also followup with lp lunge punch or Ultra1 in the corner ..

Yun buffering standing mp into shoulder work well against sagat whiff standing hk ..

Yun jump forward mk is short and fast , abuse it occasionally as its hard for sagat to 
uppercut on reaction , gives big reward as well if sagat throws a tiger shot ..

Yun must always anti air against sagat random jump in's , or when sagat tries to jump
out of the corner , keep alert at all times ..

Good Sagat players always uses ex tiger knee to push out of corner ..

Sagat players likes to do kara tiger knee or uppercut to punish yun from full screen 
after throwing tiger shots , Yun's user should prevent jumping forward or dive kick
forward too much to get in , walk slowly ocasionally using FA dash to absorb tiger shots ..

Sagat's Uppercut loses to Yun's EX upkicks and LK upkicks , however trades or win
most of the time with MK and HK upkicks ..

Lastly , Yun players should restrain on using too much dive kicks on Sagat because
good sagat players will start throwing high lp tiger shots to prevent it , Dive kick 
ocasionally and hitting on the lower part of the body is important for frame advantage ..

Yun's Backdash with timing (strict) also allows you to bait Sagat tiger uppercut and
make it whiffs completely thus punishing it , Practice hard on this ^_^

Hope everybody get better with the Sagat matchup ^_^
Cheers :)