Monday, 8 August 2011

Finally booked tickets to go Japan godsgarden ^_^
Will be reaching Haneda airport on the 16th :)
Thanks Thanks Thanks for Justin Kwong for lodging me
on the 19th , 20th and 21st ^_^
I mean seriously i really appreciate it ^_^
Thumbs up to this guy :D Hes great !!!

Ok back to sf4 , I found out alot of new yun's option select :D
New punishes , new character specific punish and stuff ^_^
Wanted to do videos but not able now because only my friend Calvin (sgfinest)
Have the equipment to record and edit the videos :(
He will be back on 14th though , so i will try to see if i am able to do some
videos before i get off to japan ^_^
Best of luck to everybody at godsgarden ^^

Finally found accomdation for all 7 days of my trip !!
Thanks to Jinki-San !! You are the best ^_^
Seriously great thanks to you , i am so glad i get to know you from last year SBO :)
So tired , time to sleep 


  1. Glad it worked out, will be cheering for you :)

    Would it be possible to get your new findings in text form and later in video form when you have the time?

  2. Will there be a live steam or anything? All the best for you!!! Will be rooting for you!

    It's not much, but I donated a little for the trip. Hopefully can help a little with the high expenses in Japan.

  3. KeFFi : its abit diffcult to explain in text because some are option select stuffs :(
    I will try to get it done asap though ^_^

    Jun : Yeah godsgarden have live streaming , but i had to get through the qualifer first though :(

    Thanks Alot of the donations !! Your help is definely appreciated ^_^