Monday, 12 September 2011

My Battle Medley Singapore 2011 Videos with Gen is up !! ^_^

Me (Gen) vs Tommy (Chun li ) - 00.18
Me (Gen) vs Raven (T-hawk) - 13.37
Me (Gen) vs Dixon (M-bison) - 22.49
Me (Gen) vs Leslie (Sagat)    - 29.32

Hope everybody likes it !!


  1. Very nice gen play. Have you been to the lab often? Do you watch matches from good gen players such as amyiu or rokotsu?
    Why did you taunt against the t hawk? :)
    Keep up the good work and thanks for the matches

  2. erm.. i dont have console , i am trying to work out more on gen because alot of things i couldnt master it. Amiyu is pretty immpressive but not much videos :( , i was trying to swipe , then end up taunt lol :(

  3. Oh man, you taunt in Hawk's face!!!! lol! wow how did your gen get so good? I am a gen player myself so if there is any thing you dont understand I will be glad to give you tips to master it if yo u like.

  4. hahaha i was swiping the hands and it came out taunt lol :( !! thanks alot !! i am trying to master setups and character specific stuff , too many lol so decided to go along play basics first for the time being ^_^