Wednesday, 21 September 2011

After much rest , i am back to shoot more cross counter asia !!
It will be release this 2 days though :)
I am really interested if they are any more buffs in Gen ^_^
Additional new changes in AE 2012 is so interesting ..
I hope will upload the cross counter asia episode soon ^_^
But over here i will say i few very strong points that i notice :)
Strong points that really changes alot for the characters ;)


Blanka Ex Vertical Roll (Up ball)

This move now caused knockdown on hit , this really changes the gameplay for
Blanka i felt .. Because no matter in Vanilla , Super or AE , when you get Blanka into
the corner , Ex upball doesnt really exist as an option :( 
Because even if blanka ex upball on wakeup and hits opponent , alot of characters
still able to punish Blanka very serverly :( Few got examples is Ryu Super , Cammy's
Ultra or Super , Adon Ultra 1 , Dhalsim Ultra 2 , Sagat Ultra 2 and alot alot alot more :(
However , Now you really need to respect this option of Blanka because it gets a 
knockdown. Which kind of means that he can get out of the corner by jumping out
after hitting you on the Ex Ball :(
Blanka now have another good option to get out of situations instead of only the
Ex rainbow rolling attack .... This is gotta be a disaster for characters like zangief
and T-hawk and maybe more 0_o
It does have some bad point though , which it lands nearer on block :( Which means
its not that advisable to do it on wakeup midscreen , because very easy to punish
on block , but compared to the buff , This is gotta be really good for Blanka :)
It may be one of the best charge turtle character ^_^


E.Honda buff of Hp hundred hand slap (HHS)

I think it will open up more damage option for Ehonda :)
Crouching light kick x2 , crouching light punch into HHS now possible with full hits
probably , this is quite good in my option :)
Random crouching lp into HHS will get more damage as well , more hits and maybe
another possible Hk for extra damage ^_^

Quite tired cos i am actually out for the whole day :(
So i gotta sum it up abit :(
I think Ryu , Guile , Rufus , Dhalsim and Gouken received significant buffs too ^_^
Lets check out more updates tomorrow !!
I am hype for more Gen's buff !! :)
Watch Cross Counter Asia for more about the changes ;)
I will upload it as soon as it is released this 2 days ^_^
Cheers ^_^

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