Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sorry guys for the Lack of update .. This is the link for Razer Xian's Academy All Episodes on Youtube .. Since Ultra Street Fighter 4 is out now.. I will be posting some thoughts here and there again..

This is the link for all the episode .. Tonight will be my first stream of ULTRA Street Fighter 4 .. It will be at 9pm GMT+8 every wednesday as usual .. but dont forget to check out if you trying to learn more about the new characters !!

Streaming 3 hours from now

Gen has pretty much alot of changes , so i have to play more to figure out as he seems to have a new kind of playstyle to be tournament viable .. Fei Long players will be kinda happy as i just tested out a little .. Seems very damaging now and most of the stuff still works .. Mainly key points are

Flame Kick (Uppercut) FADC Chicken Wing Ultra 1 does alot of damage due to the last hit of ultra 1 hits now..

Down mp more damage is very significant in the match..

Rekka range not as much difference (however have to test how punishable this version is compared to last version)

Ex Red Focus Combo Practicability not as high , Especially Stand Hp EX Red Focus .. Due to Stand Hp Flame Kick FADC Chicken Wing Ultra 1 does really good damage (only 2 bars also) ..

Focus Attack Range wasnt much difference , still very good.. 

Stand Lp Tenshin still works but not EX , the 1 frame gap to press 3 frame buttons or throw between is really tight , Very viable .. EX Tenshin starts up faster , Lots of uses and harder to avoid now..

Flame Kick FADC forward dash one of the nerf , To adjust to this .. in the corner while pressuring you could do flame kick fadc backdash chicken wing..

Ok guys will post thoughts about other character soon !! Playing some Decapre at the moment hoping to find something good ^_^

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Razer Xian's Academy Episode 7 is now up on youtube !!

Dont forget to tune in tomorrow Razer Xian's Academy Episode 8 on ..

Content about Episode 8 will be learning a new character !! I will be learning a new character that even i dont know much about it :) So dont forget to stay tune tomorrow at 9pm GMT +8 !!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Razer Xian's Academy is back !! Episode 6  ^_^
Dont forget to tune in on wed 9pm GMT+8 !!

Topics covered this time will be on Razer Xian's Academy will be

-Talking about my tournament at IVGC
-Question and Answers about RZR Xian
-New option select defence
-How to practice counter hit combos
-Difference between 1p corner and 2p corner
-WInning on XBOX LIVE (maybe) 

hahahah dont forget to join me for some fun and lessons on the stream !!

Signing off RZR Xian

Friday, 21 February 2014

Episode 5 of Razer Xian's Academy is up now !!

Will be heading to Cannes for IVGC in a few days time , Going to training mode to practice for all the top players in Europe that is heading there.. Cant wait to see everyone there !! I will be updating my journey in Cannes as well on my twitter Xianmsg , so dont forget to follow me for more updates !!

Over here i would like to thanks everyone who likes my private coaching , I have more free time now so if anybody wants 1 to 1 private coaching ,  feel free to just send me an email at .. What i will help you with is

- Getting better with your character
- Better understanding of why you are not winning consistenly
- Analysing of your match videos and help you get better
- Analysing your opponent for you
- Tips and tricks for your character

Thanks for all the support guys

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Razer Xian streaming wednesday on 9pm GMT+8 at .. 

Topics  i will cover tomorrow will be

- Advanced footises

- Charge Characters

- Playing on XBOX Live , Training for next tournament IVGC in Cannes

- Questions and answers about RZR Xian

For those who miss out on Razer Xian's Academy Episode 4 , its now up on youtube !! 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Episode 4 of Razer Xian's Academy is uploaded !! This time with RZR Gackt ^_^
Revealing some strategies on the feilong sagat matchup..

For people asking me regarding on Razer Game Booster , You can download them at 
Basically i use it to record my matches and review them when i play online on PC , it can also be used for other games like starcraft , dota etc.. Its pretty user friendly , i upload a footage as well , you can use HD to watch it if you want it to be clearer..

Lastly hope everybody have a good valentines day with your love ones , dont forget to stay tune into more Razer's Xian Academy every wednesday 9pm gmt+8 ..

Next tournament i am attending will be IVGC at cannes , EMP Dieminion and Bala will also be attending ..

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Special Guest Appearance for tomorrow RZR Gackt will be on RAZER Xian's Academy Episode 4 , Same timing 9pm GMT+8 .. Dont forget to tune in to see gackt reveals his secret techniques and tricks !!  Check it out at

Contents for tomorrow will be

- RZR Gackt revealing feilong technique and tricks

-XBOX live gameplay and discussion with RZR Gackt and RZR Xian

-Questions and Answers for us

-Talking about next tournament attendance for both RZR Gackt and RZR Xian

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Episode 3 of Razer Xian's Academy is up !!

Content about Episode 3 Razer Xian's Academy are

-Special moves that change hurtbox (Juri, Ibuki)

-Solid safe block strings that covers many options

-How to get out of Gen's Oga Mixup..

Hope everybody's enjoy Xian's Secret of Fighting Game.. Next week Razer Xian's Academy Episode 4 will be a special episode because i have a special guest RZR Gackt revealing his tricks of Fei Long !! So dont forget to tune in every week 9pm GMT+8 to watch on LIVE !!

Regarding Episode 2 .. I couldnt get it upload but if people are interested they can actually view it at .. Its part of the archive however you have to be a subscriber to watch it.. Please support me by subscribing because that will encourage me to reveal more secrets and content !!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ok so i am now offically Razer Xian .. Together with Razer Gackt.. Thanks Razer so much for sponsoring us .. we are very proud to be part of Razer ^_^ Will be bring more OGA's and Rekka all over the world !!

So yes tonight is Razer Xian's Academy again !! Tonight topics that i will be covering is simply more knowledge about street fighter 4 arcade edition that you could only learn from Xian's Academy .. what does that mean?

- Showing off knowledge about moves/ultras that have weird properties and how to use it in a real match

- Showing off how to catch a backdash with/without an option select..

- Playing on XBOX live trolling everyone ^_^

- Questions and answers about Razer Xian

So dont forget to tune in tonight at 9pm GMT+8 to watch Razer Xian's Academy !!

You can watch it at

Will have bonus features for today since its the first RAZER edition.. will be showing off everyone how to get out of OGA setups without guessing a 50/50 !!

Sorry that i haven been blogging the past week.. Because i went to Germany for ESGN TV again !! Have a very fun and exciting time there .. I like it soo much.. but well stay tune for the next ESGN TV Season 2 !!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Welcome back to Xian's Academy Again !! For people who actually missed last week stream ,, You can watch it here.. 

Tomorrow is wednesday but however i am going to travel again , So i will be streaming tomorrow afternoon 3PM GMT +8 instead of 9pm , but it will be rebrodcast at 9pm as well ..So hope everybody is cool with that !! So sorry due to the busy schedule .. It was a little last min though ..Tomorrow Xian's Academy the topics i am going to cover will be news on

-- ESGN TV show , first episode 1 is air yesterday of me vs mike ross , i will be proceeeding and if you wanna watch more , dont forget it will be air everyday from now also at 21.30 European Central Time .. Next Episode will be me vs FChamp !! More information please check out

--Xian's Academy of course , I will be teaching more stuff and answering to more questions that i received from feedbacks and stuff .. The topic tomorrow will be either on Escaping Vortexs or Understanding options (Definiting 50/50) , All these topics may be similiar in some way or another if you really understand , this is one of the most important aspect you could learn because you could apply it other fighting games as well..

--Also not to miss out play and troll session on XBOX live .. Playing online and learning at the same time on training mode.. Questions and answer also avaliable but not too much due to limited time !!

Thanks for watching Xian's Academy , hope if you guys like it remeber to subscribe to my toughcookietv channel , Donations greatly appreciated too if you could send any bit to through PayPal ^_^

Signing off for now , see you guys tomorrow on stream ^_^

Monday, 27 January 2014

ESGN TV of Street Fighter 4 Fight Night will be live in less than an hour !!
It will be shown at 21.00 European Central Time which is about 50 mins from now..
Check this Me vs Mike ross in this exciting sets at

Thursday, 23 January 2014

First episode of Xian's Academy is now up on Youtube ^_^

I started the first 20 mins talking about Xian's Academy .. Bascially showing you what i have been talking about DEFENCE .. escaping Ibuki Kunai .. 3 button tech .. 4 button tech .. Crouch tech plink jab and etc..

Hope you guys like Xian's Academy ^_^

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Yes i will be start streaming once again !! ^_^
It will be on EVERY WED at 9pm GMT +8 ..Every week for about 90mins.. 

Tomorrow will be my first time streaming after so long again..
Topics i will be covering is the recent Poll on of the top 10 players .. Xian's Academy Session where i will be explaining and showing more on the topics i have covered on my blog recently regarding DEFECE.. 3button tech.. 4 button tech.. crouch tech (lp+lk) and etc..

After that i will go Online on XBOX live to play as long as explaining what is going on in the matches .. Hope you guys like it , will be sharing more tech so everybody can improve together with me ..

Thanks for watching Xian's Academy

Signing off for now ^_^

Monday, 20 January 2014

Welcome to Xian's Academy Again !!

    I already covered most of the topics about DEFENCE , if you understand my previous post and knowing how to apply flexibilty..There are still people who dont understand crouch tech ( by plinking lp+lk) .. So today i will give more examples and why it is useful to put into 1 of your defensive options..

Crouch teching by plinking (lp+lk)..
Instead of the usual crouch lk coming out .. Crouch Lp will come out instead .. It is especially useful for some characters because some characters have a 3 frame crouch jab but a 4 frame crouch LK..

Example of characters that can put this to good use.. Ryu , Barlog ..
This is a very strong technique even though we hardly see alot of people using it.. Imagine Ryu Crouching Teching with 3 frame Crouching Jab coming out .. It will actually makes frame trap alot alot more harder .. It bascially turn into a little bit comination of DEFENCE option of pressing 3 frame and crouching teching.. If till this point anybody doesnt understand please post in the comments .. i will try to explain clearer..

Yup and besides the 9 options , thanks for the feedback i did forgot about one of the important DEFENCE option like jump backwards.. which is really crucial for charge characters .. Because Charge Characters wants to have their charge.. So blocking between block strings and hold up+back can be a very strong DEFENCE too..

Thanks for seeing Xian's Academy .. I hope you will reread the few DEFENCE post together and strengthen up your DEFENCE .. mix in your options randomly or choose wisely what defence options you need to do when you are under pressure..

Next Topic i will cover is DEFENCE against vortex .. Which is much harder where everybody see it as a 50/50 .. By knowing how to Defend against vortex will actually make you alot better overall as a player.. See you at the next Xian's Academy Post ^_^

Friday, 17 January 2014

Welcome to Xian's Academy , today i going to elaborate more on the point 3 button tech and more details about DEFENCE Options I believe everybody already understands more about DEFENCE , so i will be explaining about 3 button tech today..

Whats is a 3 button tech?

Its bascially Crouch teching with more than 1 more button besides lp+lk .. I believe already alot people knows how to do it .. TIming is a key to using 3 button tech , People who cant tech properly with 3 button tech is usually pressing it too early , Basically timing to 3 button tech a throw is the same as a crouch tech , all you need is go training mode and practice..

The best example on when to use a 3 button tech is against Rufus.. Imagine you are always under pressure with the dive kick , Guessing between a throw and another dive kick.. 50/50 .. 3 button tech bascially helps to eliminate the 50/50 and will be a game changing for you.. 

Example ..
Fighting against Rufus with Ryu , After blocking a Dive kick .. If you use a 3 button tech with either (lp,lk+mp) or (lp,lk+hp) instead of crouch tech , Rufus is not able to pressure you with another dive kick because crouch mp or crouch hp will comes out instead and hit them away in the air..

This is a game changing technique so i believe everyone should have this as a priority technique especially against character like rufus ..


That doesnt mean with this technique , Rufus can never get 50/50 you again , however rufus can switch into frame trap style , using delayed stand mp to go for a counter hit  or even a delayed ex messiah kick to catch your 3 button tech.. Therefore..

is very important when it comes to defence , imagine you change your defence options between this 3 button tech , backdash , focus backdash , jump back press button immediately , pressing 3 frame(for ryu this case its d.lp) and invincible reversal..

The next time you face a rufus ever again , you will never be afraid... Think of all the options he has , and the probability of hitting you with it..With all the defence options i list to you .. you have probably at least minimum 6 to deal with rufus.. While rufus only has maybe 3.. Lets count who is at the better edge after rufus gets in with a dive kick..

Rufus Options After Dive Kick

Frame Trap
Dive Kick Again
Delayed EX Messiah

Ryu Options After blocking Dive kick

ALL of the above that i name..

I wont elaborate more about this , just think about it.. Creativity is important in fighting games .. So if you think about all the options that Rufus has to guess if you mix and blend in your options randomly.. You will realise theres nothing much scary anymore.. Just dont be predicable and get downloaded ^_^

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Taking a lil break today , gotta go for a facial and grooming... Thanks for the invitation from We Need A Hero..This is actually my first time in Singapore coming to a Male Grooming Shop , i dont remeber there is any other in singapore.. I am really surprise by the services because they were all so friendly !!

Taking pictures of myself ^_^

Really like it when they put these on my face.. feels so good 

                               Customer service was on another level , Godlike ^_^

Haha yes taking more picutres because somehow i feel i look better after the facial..

This is definely one of the few shop i am really impressed in singapore , i really like the idea of man grooming .. i shall be heading back soon hehe love it sooo much..This is the website if you wanna visit , its just located near tiong bahru

Today i am going to explain more about the 4 button tech .. Since there are not alot of people who understands 4 button tech.. This is a video ( This is not done by me credits to Team4thDimension )

I am not able to do video this 2-3 days , Ibuki focus video will try to get it up by next week..

I will add on information about the topic DEFENCE , basically i will list all the different ways you can defend against your opponent

1) Stand tech
2) Crouch tech ( lp+lk )
3) Crouch tech with jab as priority ( plink lp+lk , lp slightly faster than lk )
4) 3 button tech (lp,lk + any other buttons )
5) Backdash
6) Focus Backdash
7) Invincible Reversal
8) First frame airborne move ( Juri stand mk and Rose stand mk)
9) Block

What most of the average players is lacking in their defence is they most probably only use stand tech , crouch tech or invincible reversal and maybe backdash.. But look at the list of defend options you can actually really have..

From here you should realise that , there are so many different ways to defend against your opponent , no matter when he is trying to frame trap .. vortex or pressure... Mixing up your options or choosing the best 1 (depending of situations is one of the key to a strong defence)

I will elaborate more on each sections day by day , Hope everyone like it
Feedbacks are welcome

Thanks for seeing Xian's Academy

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tips on becoming a better fighting game players

Tips on becoming a better fighting game players

Alot of people have been asking this question , so exactly how do you think you can improve yourself in fighting games? Today i will going to answer in it in simply , for Street fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 ..

There are a few keys that you could summarise it into but today the topic will be


I am going emphasis alot on Defence because i felt this is the key to becoming from a average player to another level itself ..

Lets quote some example of what a group of average players may be talk about defence , or advices from generally people i have heard ..

1) You need to block properly
2) You need to be doing 4 button tech 
3) You need to do more backdash
4) You need to mash jab and just block
5) Stop doing so much reversal , just block
6) Its a vortex character , you played well but you lost to the character
7) Start using delay wakeup

I believe many of you guys have friends around which gives you advice like these when you came to certain stage where you just doesnt know how to improve anymore or you just couldnt deal with your bad matchups or to say vortex character generally..

So the question is which of these 6 answers are correct?

Well the truth is every answer is correct at some point of time , there is no wrong in any of the answers , but what i will be doing here is elaborating on what all these answers means exactly 

So a friend of mine have been losing to Ibuki kunai vortex and no matter how hard he tries , he just cant block or do anything to it.. So i gotta list a conversation type explaination to let you understand it even he says 

I tried blocking the kunai , but i always block the wrong direction..

Does it makes any sense? Nope because its just a 50/50 , theres something you must be doing wrong thats why you always get hit by it consistently..

Problem (What my friend was doing wrongly)

Alot of people like moving their joysticks from left to right , or right to left while thinking they are reacting to block the kunai,  But remeber when you are moving the joystick like this , it actually has a period of time your joystick stays at neutral .. so that is the reason why even when you are on a lucky day , you cant block the kunai more than people usually would..


Either move the stick really fast from left to right or vice versal , or just let it start from neutral , and move left or right to block it..

So now you learnt this , but its still a 50/50 .. how do i even get better in blocking this? this is so unfair..

Yes 50/50 is still too much , because ibuki gets this kind of situation almost off any kind of knockdown .. thats why focus attack comes to key .. However this requires practice , because the timing to focus may not be as hard as parry , but is still tight .. but its definely possible with practice.. Using focus dash or backdash to escape from it..


Oh i managed to practice that focus timing down , but however i am not able to know which direction i should be dashing or back dashing to..


I will be posting a video to show you which direction , its actually pretty obvious .. because if you doesnt know which direction you can focus dash into, its probably going to be really obvious it hits the front , or really obvious that its a crossup..


Wow , it works but however he is able to punish my focus attack with a sweep and repeats it over again ..


He is actually commiting himself in doing the sweep , because sweep itself is very hard to link unless the kunai is really meaty , with this information you already can see that he is not going to get a full combo no matter the kunai is blocked or is hitting you..
there is also another way you can deal with this that is to hold on to your focus attack.. then do a really delayed backdash making use of the backdash invincible frames to avoid the sweep from ibuki (not advisable for mid level players due to strict execution) 
Conclusion and Summary

Options are very important when it comes to defence.. Just by holding down+back to block doesnt mean your defence is very strong.. This post teaches you that mixing up your options can make your opponent confused about how to go about punishing you..Leaving him a much harder time..

Well if you already know all these , Another even better tips at mastering the blocking of ibuki kunai is to replicate all the different knockdowns with kunais that look really ambigious , you will start to realise its just a setup that always hits the same direction but doesnt look like it.. When you really find it too unfamiliar to block , thats where focus attack comes to your mind , I will be explaining these with examples even more clearly on my twitch stream every wednesday..

Thanks for reading Xian's Academy