Friday, 5 August 2011

Matches of me in winners bracket top 32 ^_^
Losing against Fuudo :D

Matches of me vs Shiro in losers bracket ^_^

Me losing to floe in Marvel vs capcom 3 ^_^

Hope you guys like it ^_^


  1. Great Job at Evo!!!
    I really enjoy watching you play & hope you will do even better for your next tournament!

    Btw, any tips on how to get close to Dhalsim when using Yun? I keep getting knocked by those long arms & legs.

    Hope to see you in more tournaments soon!

  2. erm.. thanks !!
    The best way to get in dhalsim is

    1. Ex shoulder on reaction through his fireball
    2. Mixing around between Hk dive kick , delayed Hk dive kick and fake lk dive kick.
    Cos if you mix it up , dhalsim cant anti-air properly , its very tough for dhalsim
    3. Of course ex lunge punch too , but dont be predicable , and do it in mostly half screen situations . its the best way :D

    Hope it helps !!

  3. 4. random lk upkicks and hk upkicks ^_^
    Reason os random lk upkick near dhalsim is because dhalsim does alot of and , dhalsim seldom crouch attack besides slide . Random hk upkicks because they could hardly punish you , but if you hit them , you get in. Risk award in yun's favour

    Just remeber , if it doesnt works , it means that you are too predicable ^_^

    Hope it helps !!

  4. Thks for the tips, will get down to practising!