Friday, 29 July 2011

I got out of the pools ^_^
Leslie got out of the pools as well :D
Will be going down at 6pm to try my best :)
Will update more ...................
Been kinda busy training , so sorry :(
I will be joining mvc3 today :) Kof 13 as well for evo side tournament ^_^
Yun tutorial is already up ^_^ 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Cross Counter Asia Excellent Adventures is Out ^_^
Hope everybody likes it :)

Stream is up again at CC ^_^ 
Poongko , Alex , Jebailey , Gootecks  and Others !! ^_^

Watch live video from Cross Counter TV on 

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Poongko casual Evo2k11 Practice Room ^_^
Live at the RIO !!  Cross counter TV :D

Watch live video from Cross Counter TV on

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Live Streaming now at Combofiend's house :D
Laugh , Infiltration , Leslie , Me , Poongko and Mike Ross Playing
SSF4AE Live now ^_^ Infilitration is sooooo goood !!! :D
Here's the link 


Watch live video from Cross Counter TV on
Finally reach LA after a long flight ^_^
Bumping inside gootecks house now with poongko , zhi also :D
Evo 2011 list is out :)
This is the street fighter 4 AE edition list :) 
Not typing much because really tired :(

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

Pool 1 Wolfkrone Gen1us AndyOCR Afrocole Tsumuji
Pool 2 Rivals Nick T. Mr. Naps eltwopee
Pool 3 Gilley
Pool 4 Craig Stevens
Pool 5 Skisonic James Chen C Royd lilsicx
Pool 6 XsK Samurai Vanilla
Pool 7 Jan Mike Ross Viet Shungoku Neurosis
Pool 8 Neo
Pool 9 Dagger_G ZMan notworksafe
Pool 10 Snafoo Crizzle Xie
Pool 11 Xeedoc shigz
Pool 12 Richard Nguyen TWG Arthur Evans Akka
Pool 13 Dieminion Fuudo Eita Slash5150
Pool 14 Chris G Tharimrattler
Pool 15 Ranmasama Jebailey
Pool 16 EG.FloE Blackos
Pool 17 Kapwan
Pool 18 Kindevu ARK XI DJ Divine
Pool 19 TS Sabin Vincent Perez Shiro
Pool 20 IIPeru JDR. SmoZzLeR
Pool 21 Sherryjenix HadoukenMD Nero Fenix
Pool 22 Air catalan Juptile
Pool 23 Xian Gootecks Kahikusu
Pool 24 JC_Denton Jewelman NerdJosh Justin Wong Majinhurricane
Pool 25 JaredR Fubarduck
Pool 26 Mago TuboWare NinjaCW Rice-Eater 1iquid5nake
Pool 27 AquaSilk Layzeelao
Pool 28 xeleion ConçPool 31 Chocoblanka LSG House Tuck Hungry Human Yosh
Pool 32 Ryan Hart
Pool 33 TS Min
Pool 34 Kayane Latif Renzo
Pool 35 Ricky Ortiz Blue Shirt
Pool 36 Bisonopolis Vicious leg drop
Pool 37 ToXY Eissan PapaRhino
Pool 38 RyRy BPC
Pool 39 Warahk UKNguy
Pool 40 Vangief Cronos
Pool 41 Mel Bipson 801 Strider Masta CJ
Pool 42 Dirgesong
Pool 43 RF
Pool 44 PerfectLegend Jazz IFD Humbag TheTaiwanNinja
Pool 45 Dr. Chaos Esayel
Pool 46 Lamerboi PR Balrog Starnab stev0knev022 DS Gackt
Pool 47 IceTrap
Pool 48 ThyAllMighty Airamae
Pool 49 IFC Yipes
Pool 50 ShadyK
Pool 51 FlashMetroid UltraDavid A-Rodt
Pool 52 Juicebox Frozen Rice Yugi Zev
Pool 53 Pozerwolf
Pool 54 Big Marcus Leviathan BomberEDX2
Pool 55 LuckyD GDLKScrub
Pool 56 Freakinlu
Pool 57 Will2Pac Combofiend hollasaurus rex Chris King nmbr1krush
Pool 58 Poongko ImagineVC
Pool 59 Angelic
Pool 60 Rawkus Noel Brown Henry Cen
Pool 61 Nyanshi du ma balrog SFGIEF Yummy KDZ The Retro Kid
Pool 62 SabrE ReNiC
Pool 63 Surge
Pool 64 DMG Inthul sakeido yielder Matashioqt
Pool 65 Mr. SNK
Pool 66 kenmastersX ermac2 Branh0913 Filipino Champ
Pool 67 ibme Nabe BananaKen clim Jayce the Ace
Pool 68 MarlinPie Cuongster DragonballJoseph shglbmx
Pool 69 Tokido Super_Yan
Pool 70 gunrobot vivaldi290
Pool 71 HumanBomb tehrebound
Pool 72 Hsien Chang ohthecommotion keninblack
Pool 73 KayoPolice Buktooth xS A M U R A Ix KillerKai
Pool 74
Pool 75 Jedirobb
Pool 76 Viscant Thomas the Glove HZY!
Pool 77 Andrew Pham ARK SmokeMaxX Dlimit Joey Miggs81 Chachi
Pool 78 Marn Mibu
Pool 79 ClakeyD Mmeeva Kuni Vegta12 eYoon
Pool 80 Tyram Daigo Umehara IPW Deuce Teen*Idol
Pool 82 LI Joe
Pool 83 Keno Kineda Cryoh kyriptic
Pool 84 John Choi JR RODRIGUEZ
Pool 85
Pool 86 Alex Valle RKG Yzae B
Pool 87
Pool 88 FutureChamp Mr. Soulstar
Pool 89 Gamerbee
Pool 90 Jakob002 Colster Black Mamba

Friday, 22 July 2011

This sunday morning 8am i will be going to Los Angelas ^_^
Will be meeting up with kelvin , mike ross and gootecks :D
Me and my buddy Zhi has finally finished filming cross counter asia
Excellent adventures and Cross counter asia episode 2 :D
I also did a yun tutorial of near to 2 hours with gootecks to be release before Evo ^_^
Lastly i wanna thanks this anonmynous user for creating this yun wallpaper for me :D

Will be looking forward to producing more videos and tutorials or tips and tricks :D
Though it may be after Evo as i am now preparing hard for both mvc3 and ssf4ae ^_^
All the best to guys who are going to Evo as well ^_^
Sharing is Caring ^_^
Cheers ^^

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Yesterday was the last day i could play online :(
I am leaving singapore to las vegas for evo prepartion this sunday ^_^
Though that also means i cant do more videos this 2 weeks :(
However i will try to update as much as information i could at Evo :D

Today i am going to share the maximum punish for all Yun's user
after doing the ex command grab ^_^
1 meter bar (highest damage) All characters ^^
Walk forward abit close standing mp into ex lunge punch , then lp lunge punch again
Difficulty : 4/5 Stars

1 meter bar
Walk forward abit target combo (lp , lk , mp ) ex lunge punch , then lp lunge punch again
Difficulty : 3/5 Stars

No meter bar (character specific)
Crouching mp x2 -> standing mp -> upkick (mk version)
Difficulty : 2/5 Stars
Only works on ( Dudley , Dhalsim , Abel , Guile , Rufus , Barlog , T-Hawk )
This only works against Sagat ( When Sagat in corner )  

No meter bar ( Only Blanka )
Crouching mp x2 -> crouching mk -> upkick (mk version)
Difficulty : 2/5 Stars

No meter bar ( With Ultra bar )
Crouching mp -> standing mp -> upkick (lk version) -> Ultra 1
Difficulty : 2/5 Stars
Only works on ( Viper and Rose )

No meter bar ( With Ultra bar ) 
Crouching mp x2 -> standing mp -> upkick (lk version) -> Ultra 1
Difficulty : 2.5/5 Stars
Only works on Barlog in corner

Hope Everybody likes it ^_^
Best of luck to everybody going to Evo ^_^ 


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Today will be yang's tips and setups ^_^
4 frame safe jump and more stuffs :D
Hope you guys like it ^_^

Monday, 18 July 2011

I just made a ken tips and tricks videos ^_^
I hope everybody likes it :D
CC asia excellent adventures will be out soon !! ^_^

KOG video is up as well !!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Still Uploading the KOG Videos :(
I Just finish Crosscounter Asia Episode 1 ^_^
So here's the link

Crosscounter Asia Excellent Adventures is on the way editing :D
Stay Tuned and shoutout to Gooteck and Mike Ross ^_^
If there is any questions you wish to ask me please post it here ^_^
I will answer every single question as soon as i see it  ^_^

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Another day of training but only about 1 hour today :(
Played with probably the best T-hawks , FuzzyPhi And KOG ^_^
Starting to get more familiar with the T-hawk matchups already ;)
Will be uploading 1 KOG video later ^_^

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Training on Xbox live for ssf4AE :D
Today i got raped by this japanese Cody "wk8900" :(
Played 4 matches with him in Rank Match , but only won 1 game :(
These are the videos ^_^

But after inviting him to Endless Match ,
I think i learnt alot of Cody matchup experience from him
Now i feel alot more comfortable with the Cody matchup ^_^ 

This picture of Yun rocks !! ^_^

Monday, 11 July 2011

Shadowloo 2k11 is over ^_^
I gotten 7th in the tournament 
I lost to Uryo in the winner bracket and Tokido in the loser brackets :(
I won Mago in the winner bracket and Mov in the loser brackets :)
Below are the clips , Uryo and Mov matches was not recorded unfortunately :(

Shadowloo 2k11 Mvc3 Singles
I got 4th in the tournament with magneto , wesker and akuma :D
The winners are tokido(1st) , mago(2nd) and tom(3rd)

Below here is the interview of me from Gamespot (Great thanks to Jonathan teo)

Here's the link

I am very happy at the results and i hope to do better in Evo 2k11
Lets look forward to it  ^_^