Sunday, 11 November 2012

This is after Day 1 of Canada Cup 2012 .. Zhi interviews me !! ^_^

Friday, 9 November 2012

Back from Canada !!
I wanna make a really long post, but i am having a tournament tomorrow at Funan for sf4 2012 Arcade Edition ..
So i will post it after everything is finished ..

For now seems like there's is an interesting poll going on tokido77 blog ..
The Dream Asia team in Street fighter 4 2012 Arcade Edition?

Lets all go vote :)

Personally i voted for infiltration ^_^

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ok what is the latest update?

I am heading on to Canada Cup 2012 just in few hours time !!
Thanks Team MCZ DM for sending me there and Lapchi of course ^_^
Greatly appreciated it , i will be in Team South East Asia .. I am not really sure
who my teammate will be though lol
Team MCZ DM Kaiser will be going with me this time .. No leslie , gackt as they are
pretty much busy with their own work :(

I will be joining couple of games this time. Mainly Street fighter 4 2012 AE , Ultimate
Marvel vs Capcom 3 , King of Fighters 13 , SF x tekken and Persona 4 (omg i am still
horrible at this game LOL) ..

Seen some updates , will probably update those that i know ..
Poongko wont be going for this event from what i know..
Team UK will not be participating in this event as well..
GamerBee is probably going ..
Xiaohai and Dakou couldnt make it ..
Team Japan will all be there , Kazunoko , Bonchan , Tokido , Mago and Fuudo..
Team Netherland will be there ..

Prediction? I think the 2 Team USA this year is very strong .. Well lets get hypeee ^_^

Thanks alot to Peter for hosting me once again since last year .. Its a great pleasure
to stay with you again !! I had fun last year , lets enjoy more this year too ^_^

I miss seeing everybody from Canada since last year , see you guys there !!

Cameraman and DM MCZ Zhi will be there as well , If you guys want some good
commentary from him ^_^

Ok i dont wanna miss the flight , time to get ready ^_^
See you guys in Canada !!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Too free , so decide to go blogging today ..
I didnt have any majors coming on recently , at least not for this month ..
So i didnt know anything that i would blog LOL ^_^

Well i will make it short , the next tournament is probably at malaysia ..
On the Oct 20th , be sure to check back for updates :D

On the other hand , tomorrow will be my birthday ..
So i am getting out of here for now ^_^
Cheers !

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How long i never update blog already !! Hello everybody ^_^
Been since EVO? lol am i too lazy? or been losing too much that i forgot i still have a blog to write hahaha ^^ After Evo , 25th anniversary , i lost to filipinoman and ryan hart , followed by at taiwan losing to infiltration and gameouttt. Got to say i am pretty impressed by infiltration , that was the first time i actually played him in a tournament even though i seen him countless time :)

I almost forgot what happened at both tournaments -_-" but it has been a really stressful period for me , haha preparing to go tournament is so tired .. At least i think i have a month break for now , before i am attending anymore tournament i guess ^_^
Not really sure when is the nearest coming 1 as well..

Recently has been playing alot of persona 4 , getting a little addicted to it lol .. I play yukiko , she seems to be really fun haha .. Life goes on as usual i am at tough cookie working most of the days , tired but yet fun.. Though recently felt a little lonely , maybe been too long since i have a girlfriend? hahaa and yay i know i shouldnt be blogging about personal life since its sf4 blog right lololoool

But i guess i will blog everything a little , for guys following my blog , you should see that i am a really lousy blogger , i am lazy yet lousy too lol .. But i just say whatever comes up to mind haha

I haven been touching sf4 since i came back from taiwan 25th anniversary street fighter 4 tournament , but i will be getting back in track soon.. Shall work a little harder going into the lab , Felt that i have been dropping much combos recently.. Wanted to change my Hk Gekiro timing i can be more consistent when playing tournaments or even casuals .. Just wait awhile more , have fun first playing persona 4 first? hahaa

Lack of accompany is pretty bad , but i realise playing games that i like really make me happy.. Tournament is stressful because of expectations , but going into the lab figuring out new stuff is an amazing feeling .. I start ot enjoy it alot more for some reason lol

There's a player who has been giving me some deep impression , A bison player .. His from America Happy Medicine , i look up a little bit manage to see his videos .. knowing he get 2nd for the capcom 25th anniversary for 1 of the qualifer.. He seems to be getting more and more solid , he's a nice guy too .. Hope the next time i will see him again in the states ^_^

Ok its going to be morning here , love all you guys out there reading
Cheers ^_^

Friday, 22 June 2012

Evo is just around the corner .. Ceo is so hype when i saw the stream .. cant imagine evo2012?
I have been practicing more on kof13 and street fighter ..
As everybody knows , Bala has been dominating the kof13 street fighter tournament for very long , this year with lots of japanese kof players , china xiao hai and dakou also lots of mexician players heading as well .. It will be really interesting to watch , i prepared alot myself too as i really wanna do well in this game ..
It seems japanese is still the favourites to win this year Evo ..
However , alot of americans have proven themself at CEO convincingly showing they are not pushovers too .. I am so hype for this :)
Its only about 1 week plus before me preparing to go Evo ..
Will be heading into the training alot  definely ..
Gackt and Leslie is not going Evo this year ..
So i wanna try my best and hope to do singapore proud..

Well , time to train again :)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Its been really long since i blog ..
I am glad i am able to do well in the south east asia major ..
this are some of the videos ..
Be sure to check it out or come tough cookie gaming cafe to visit me !!
More videos !! Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 of me in South east asia major ..
To be honest , i think i really weak in that game ..
If i cant find any more new technology in this game ..
I dont even think i can get past pool stages in Evo :'(

Thursday, 17 May 2012

China tournament is over ..
I had alot of fun over there in guangzhou..
However i lost the tournament really badly lol ..
After reaching there , i realise that poongko and mago was also at the tournament ..
ok that wassnt that main point haha but they told me they were gotta play AE instead
of 2012 .. so i was like .. lol .. still happy that they invited me over ..
Guangzhou is so fun hahaha
had a few matches of casual on that day at 1 of the arcade at tian he cheng ..
Seems like alot of players were there , but there were only 1 AE and 1 2012 ..
i am so lazy to queue so i didnt play much .. just went walk around , the mall is
pretty huge though hahah
the next day i went to the tournament arena , it was pretty grand i would say ..
however it was single elimination and 1 game lol ..
i lost in the first game against rufus :'(

Time to train harder ..
lazy to blog more , time to sleep ..
^_^ cheers :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Back to blogging again !!
Next week i will be travelling to China for ssf4ae 2012 tournament :)
So happy i can take a break off work again ^_^
Wont be staying there for long though but hope to do well in the tournament ..
Thanks alot for inviting me there , i appreciates it :)

These few days i will be playing more street fighter 
Main matchups i will be training will be cammy , feilong and ryu ..
As Dakou and Xiaohai are the best players there and i gotta train more for these
matchups , however sadly i dont even have alot of experience again cammy ..
Gotta work a little harder , Or hope i dont meet him? Hahahaha

Recently saw videos of Sako picking up Gen ..
As always his gen was amazing with great execution ..
How i wish there would be more videos so i can study those matchups :(

Amiyu did really well in shadowloo , saw few of his matches and seeing
him beating the likes of xiaohai and michael really impresses me ..
Will try to figure out some good setups against cammy so i dont get screwed badly
when i go China ahahhaha
I wanted to watch those replays but i dont think its out yet on shadowloo archives :'(
Hope it gets upload fast so i can copy some good techniques haha

Well time to go sleep :(
tired , still gotta work tomorrow 
Cheers :)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kular Lumpur Street fighter 4 AE 2012 tournament..
Went over there few days ago , saw alot of familiar faces in the tournament..
Its been long since i went to Malaysia for tournament again ..
I fought against Chuan in the grand finals , its was really intense ..
I glad that i took it down 3-2 .. if he manage to reset it , it will be alot harder ..
The most diffcult opponent i fought was probably Andy , Chuan and Keane Hi ..
But i didnt face Keane Hi in the tournament .. I played some casuals with him though..
The people there treat me really nice despite if was my second time going to Malaysia
for tournament already .. They brought me to eat as well after the tournament ^_^
The food was really nice , i think i gotten fatter zZz

Here are some pictures of the tournament

This coming Sat 28/04/12 , there is a 5v5 tournament at tough cookie gaming cafe..
Registering at the tournament also means free play for the whole day !!
So be sure to come down and support the tournament :)
If you wanna get some help for your character you could ask me too ^_^
Hope to see you guys this Sat ^_^

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Guys for quite update i changed my mail to ..
you guys can mail to this now instead  ^_^

I will also have my own jersey and customised stick soon 
so stay stuned !! ^_^

Tomorrow 13th april will be an event where i will play couple of race to 10 against our
singapore top players :)

Here the lineout 

For kof 13 probably Skye or Oswald
Street fighter 4 AE 2012  , Sherman or Leslie
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 , Rchusan
SF x Tekken , Unknown lol

Will be updating the time later in awhile , so be sure to jump up to our stream tomorrow !! see you guys on stream tomorrow ^_^

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Finally blogging again , been too lazy for the past few weeks lol
I am finally back at singapore after going columbus MLG for kof 13 and
big 2 at new york ..
I have alot of fun at the cities in new york , though columbus was pretty much boring
as there are not much things to walk around :'(

I lost pretty much badly at MLG to romance and skye (my singapore mate) ..
I will train harder and be back for the next MLG :(
Skye did pretty well though getting 5th losing to Mr KOF just by a pixel ..
I hope he dont get demoralised and decide to go back once again too :)

Next i went to new york Big2 , for people who doesnt know actually i am very 
impressed by ChrisG umvc3 , i like his morrigan alot as i think its takes alot of
skill to play a good morrigan :)
 I lost to him and chrisG in sfx tekken , they are way better than me , i need to buck
up in this game lol , my abel is kind of pulling me down and i need to improve on my
abel :( 
In umvc3 , i bascially almost get thrashed by anyone there lol 
Amercia umvc3 is just too good for me , time for me to go back and train :'(

I only won ssf4ae 2012 there , dieminion is my toughest opponent i think..
I had a hard time against ChrisG too at the start , but it seems like he dont really play
much anymore , his sakura style is very unique and i had a tough time adapting against
him :( i also think he actually could have won , if he know abit more about how to fight
against Gen , he doesnt seems to know the matchup too , but he's a strong player so 
he adapt well against me too , very strong opponent .. definely would like to play him
more if i had the chance :)

Ok i will blog again soon , seems like next tournament may be CEO and MLG since
its about the same date near each other ^_^
Lastly , i really wanted to thanks Deperation Move (DM) for sending me to this MLG 
and Big2 , i had alot of fun there and everything issnt possible with DM :)
Appreciated it ^_^
Cheers !!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

It's been really long since i update my blog :(
No excuses but i am just lazy lol
Yay i design a little to make it more appealing to my eyes haha
Really happy win Ozhadou kof 13 and SSF4AE 2012 ( i know its outdated ) lol..
Next tournament i will be travelling will be MLG kof 13 ..
I have been playing Kof 13 alot since MLG announce for kof 13 ..
Training really hard now at Tough Cookie gaming cafe everyday and hope to put 
up a good performance by then at MLG :)
Really glad that MLG is picking KOF up , i really like playing kof so i hope the scene
gets bigger and bigger :)

If anybody happen to stay at Columbus OH or anywhere near Columbus
hehehe you are deeply appreciated if you are able to house me or drive me around :)
I have never been to Columbus OH so i will be sight seeing abit too ^_^
Of course most important thans to Team Desperation Move ( DM ) for making my trip 
possible ^_^ I have a facebook page for Desperation Move ( DM ) as well now so be
sure to like it ^^

Also special thanks to Muttonhead for doing the podcast and interview of me !! ^_^
It turns out really good , i had fun :) 
Here's the link ^_^

Time to go training again , Tough Cookie Gaming Cafe training area ^_^
Cheers :)

Lastly not to forget , Thanks to everybody who took care of me in Ozhadou ..
I had a really fun time :)
Here are some of my pictures :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Sydney was great !! About 8 hours later will be the starting of OZHADOU tournament..
I join 4 games , KOF , SSF4AE2012 , SOULCALIBUR 5 and UMVC3 ..
I hope i will do well this time .. Now staying with james , Hakan and javier ..

Really nice place , went to the venue to check out abit as well far so good.
Definely not forgetting to thanks Henry Sham for always bring me around ..
Especially good food :) Lastly , but almost most importantly is to thanks my sponsor
Desperation Move(DM) for sponsoring me , Everything couldnt have been possible
with him. Greatly appreciated ^_^
DM|Xian is gotta be my new name hahaha
Well , i gotta go sleep now  more to prepare my energy for tomorrow :)
Although i just woke up and been sleeping quite alot hahaha

Will try to keep ya updated


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Thanks to Raymus guide in SC5  , i am starting to get better in Soul calibur 5 ..
But still pretty much suck at it :'(
Played more Umvc3 these few days while at shop ,  have been losing alot recently in
UMVC3 , really have to put in more effort to buck up soon ..
Street fighter stays the same , and i am still pretty much lazy to test out some of the
setups for Gen :'( , Ozhadou is coming up soon and i guess i got to put in more work :(

Most of the time now i am pretty much free i realise , so anybody who wants to find me
at parklane tough cookie gaming cafe for some matches or needs me to touch , can
just drop by , If you dont wanna play me you can play with Zhi too hahahaha
Business is picking up a little in Tough cookie Gaming Cafe and i hope things get 
better and better :)

9 more days before i travel to Australia , kinda miss it as i haven been there for about
a year , will be seeing all the nice people who treats me well there .. Before i forget
i wanted to thanks Henry Sham for taking good care of the accomdations over there ..
Without him , things will be so much tougher for me :)

Thats about all i have for today ^_^
Cheers ^^

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tough Cooking gaming cafe !! 
Its located at Parklane Shopping Mall 35 Selegie road , 2nd floor 02-25B
Walk up the Escalator and you will probably see me there :)
I am working there , and yes i finally got a job ^_^
Rates are at $2/hour and you can play any console games (PS3 or Xbox) ..
It also have good Xbox live connection so you can play with good players from
japan too !!
Its open from morning 11am to 3am , most of the time you can see me there too ^^

Well i recently starting playing SC 5 , using Zwei for now but may be changing lol
Seem really hard to use :'(
There will be a SC 5 tournament today and UMVC 3 tournament today too ..
Over here (Tough Cooking gaming cafe) from 7pm to 12pm today :)

Back to street fighter , if anybody wants to teach them to level up their gameplay ,
feel free to add me at SKYPE , my id is Xianmsg ..
I can finally play online too , so i will play with you and guide you after the match..
I dont really wanna charge people for trying to learn the game so its free ^_^
But if you like what i am doing , of course you can Donate to me (any amount) ^_^
I hope everybody like it , and thanks for watching my blog all these while , its been 
half a year since i started blogging and i like doing it too ^_^
Also to add on i can only teach SSF4AE 2012 and KOF 13 as i am not that good with
UMVC 3 and SC5 , i am a scrub in SC 5 lol i need people to teach me ahahhahahaha

Hope you guys have a good new ahead :)
Cheers !!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Audition for Cross Assault !! I hope everybody like it ^_^


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hello everybody !! i am back blogging ~_~
Next tournament i am going is Ozhadou at sydney , i will be playing kof13 , ssf4ae 2012
, SC 5 and Umvc3 ^_^
I have already booked the tickets and registered for the tournament , so if you happen
to stay at sydney , hope to see you there !! ^_^

Later i will be streaming kof 13 trials speedrun , continued from the last time ..
Now running 6 hours? LOL hahahaha kof13 trials is so diffcult -_-"

Coming up there is a malaysia ssf4ae 2012 tournament as well and i think leslie and tommy will be heading there for the 2v2 :) 
Hope they can do well in the tourney ^_^

Its a new year , i hope everybody likes it and i will be  streaming more often as 
i will be having a place to slack around ^_^
Not to forget , Zhi is already in singapore and will be staying for about a month ..
Will be filiming more Cross counter asia episodes too in the meanwhile ..

Dont forget to check out my streams at

Will be streaming at 11am which is about 1.5 hours from now :)
Cheers !!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Finally find a place to train !! Cameraman opening lan/console shop in parklane !!
I will try to level up ^_^

Now is a post of the vega/claw matchup , hope it helps ^_^

Ultra 1 is better for this matchup because you can punish all kind of dives.
I cant really explain how to counterpoke them out of their poking range , experience counts.
**However , 1 very important thing i notice is very has very poor anti-air.
Its either they baited for Gen to jump and air throw , or most of the time they have to block.
**Gen jump is short , so jumping in unpredicably or when vega is focusing on playing footsies is very important.
Dont be afraid to press your button early when jumping ( dont whiff it of cos ) , because its adds diffculty for vega to anti air..
Cosmic heel at the max range or outside of Gen's poke range is very strong tool to punish Gen's footsies , so becareful.
When attacking Vega , never underestimated his ex scarlet terror. Eg. After Gen did jab jab , and tried to delay abit to frame
trap or kara throw or walk forward. If vega EX scarlet terror after blocking few jabs or 2 jabs , it will beat all of Gen's option.
Bait it sometimes , dont waste your chance when you already get in.

**After getting backthrow by Vega , Vega will do a safe jump forward mp most of the time . At this moment ,
Just release your joystick most of the time ( 1f invincibility) and press any button (up to you) , or kara throw or even
jump forward to confuse him.
If the vega is good , he will probably safe jump forward mp and option select slide. So occassionally you can release your
stick and make use of the 1f invincibility to make the mp whiff , then neutral jump to punish his option select.
However , dont ever release your stick if vega does safe jump after forward throw. Its too dangerous to do it.

Thats about all i can think for now , hope it helps ^_^