Friday, 28 October 2011

Team Singapore t-shirts !! Red and White colour avaliable :)
Hey guys i will be travelling to Japan , Calary and Northwest Major at Seaahto
(sorry i forgot how to spell) LOL .. Anybody who are interested in these shirts
i will be delivering there for you !! ^_^ Ryu , Sagat , Zangief , Gen and Viper
are the characters drawn on the shrits if you cant see clearly ..
You can also choose with or without the Canada cup logo at the right ^_^
It's 20usd per t-shirt :)

I will be wearing it during Canada Cup too !!!!


  1. Those are some cool shirts. Thanks for representing the Gen "army" Xian, here's one I made for you:

    The real UP

  2. Those are cool shirts, I really wantone.I wish I could be at Canada Cup. =(
    I'm watching the stream now. Good job so far! <3