Friday, 23 September 2011

I am so happy because i finally found a job ^_^
My friend Yong de opening a game/lan shop soon in november :)
Thanks alot for hiring me , i really appreciate it and i will do my best ^_^
That will be after Canada cup though :) which means i can go for canada cup !!
Thanks alot to Lapchi (Canada cup gaming ) for inviting singapore this year :)
Tickets were really expensive and i wanted to thanks lapchi for sponoring half
and our lodging/accomdations over there :) (Though i still figuring out how to get
the other half LOL ~_~) , it will also be me playing Gen internationally for the first time :)

AE2012 beta changes will be uploaded soon in Cross counter asia (tomorrow) 
probably ^_^ Check it out i hope you guys will like it :)
But over here i gotta talk more deep about Gen changes in AE2012 till now :)


Not significant buffs i will not be talking :(
Crane Crouching Hard Kick has 8 active frames instead of 3 now ;)
Anti-Air will be alot easier (wont whiff because press too early)
Although i have been using more of Crouching Hp as anti-air, now i dont
need to change my stance back to Mantis just for anti-air purpose :)
Remaining in the Crane stance allows me to move/walk faster so i like this buff ^_^

Hard Kick Gekiro (Crazy!!)

Untechable knockdown , I really looking forward to this because that means after
every Oga divekick or Super combo followup with Hk Gekiro , there will be alot alot
more setups to be discover , Example safe jumps , crossup Oga dive kick(Maybe?) , 
ambigious jump in setups ^_^ So much more ;) More damage as well of course :)

Ex Jyasen (Mysterious)

It can be really strong , or rather not much difference because i dont know how the 
movement will be like :( However +8 on hit (not significant) because i would probably
FADC only on hit confirm :( Normal Jyasen +6 is good enough for me :( However ,
On block it will be +3 which means i may use this move often to apply more pressure
and block strings , its still very good !! :)

Jyasen (OMG !!!)

I really love this , because right now i cant do this move in AE against alot of 
characters like Thawk , Zangief , Yang , Yun and soo much more because its -3 and
these characters have command grab (2 frames or less) or 3 frame attacks to punish
me after they block , So changing into +2 on block makes so much differences as
i can still setup frame traps like standing mp (Mantis) against my opponent to 
catch counter hits or alot more !! ^_^

I dont usually FADC with gen because i think Gen super bar is very important :)

However, with Jyasen +6 on block i will start using FADC probably because it will deal
alot of damage i presume about (300++) damage? Most importantly its a 2 frame link
with no tough shit like (*Piano*) , so its harder to drop , yesssssssssssssss!!!

Mantis Ultra2 (Shitenketsu)

For anybody who doesnt know , i dont like using this ultra at all :(

It doesnt give me guaranteed damage and its hard to link from EX hands :(
However , changing it to 7 frames may change into using it :) Especially its possible
for anti-air purposes ^_^

Level 1 Focus Attack (Mantis Style)

More reason for me to use level 1 FA? Distance is good and doesnt put me on 
negative frame :)

Level 1 Focus Attack (Crane Style)

This change will give me a reason to use level 1 FA (crane) because i dont use it at
all because of shorter range compared to Mantis :) However , on block its on 0 frame
which means on hit will gives me an advantage? That will be really good for 
pressuring opponents and i will look out more into how to start using it ^_^

EX Oga 

Gives me more reason to use as the damage increased from 100 to 150 :)
Far kick being faster depending on how fast? If its really fast then using it as an
ambush to get near , or while block footies into fireball? We shall see :)

Tired :( Time to sleep ^_^
Nitez :P

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