Thursday, 17 May 2012

China tournament is over ..
I had alot of fun over there in guangzhou..
However i lost the tournament really badly lol ..
After reaching there , i realise that poongko and mago was also at the tournament ..
ok that wassnt that main point haha but they told me they were gotta play AE instead
of 2012 .. so i was like .. lol .. still happy that they invited me over ..
Guangzhou is so fun hahaha
had a few matches of casual on that day at 1 of the arcade at tian he cheng ..
Seems like alot of players were there , but there were only 1 AE and 1 2012 ..
i am so lazy to queue so i didnt play much .. just went walk around , the mall is
pretty huge though hahah
the next day i went to the tournament arena , it was pretty grand i would say ..
however it was single elimination and 1 game lol ..
i lost in the first game against rufus :'(

Time to train harder ..
lazy to blog more , time to sleep ..
^_^ cheers :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Back to blogging again !!
Next week i will be travelling to China for ssf4ae 2012 tournament :)
So happy i can take a break off work again ^_^
Wont be staying there for long though but hope to do well in the tournament ..
Thanks alot for inviting me there , i appreciates it :)

These few days i will be playing more street fighter 
Main matchups i will be training will be cammy , feilong and ryu ..
As Dakou and Xiaohai are the best players there and i gotta train more for these
matchups , however sadly i dont even have alot of experience again cammy ..
Gotta work a little harder , Or hope i dont meet him? Hahahaha

Recently saw videos of Sako picking up Gen ..
As always his gen was amazing with great execution ..
How i wish there would be more videos so i can study those matchups :(

Amiyu did really well in shadowloo , saw few of his matches and seeing
him beating the likes of xiaohai and michael really impresses me ..
Will try to figure out some good setups against cammy so i dont get screwed badly
when i go China ahahhaha
I wanted to watch those replays but i dont think its out yet on shadowloo archives :'(
Hope it gets upload fast so i can copy some good techniques haha

Well time to go sleep :(
tired , still gotta work tomorrow 
Cheers :)