Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Audition for Cross Assault !! I hope everybody like it ^_^


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hello everybody !! i am back blogging ~_~
Next tournament i am going is Ozhadou at sydney , i will be playing kof13 , ssf4ae 2012
, SC 5 and Umvc3 ^_^
I have already booked the tickets and registered for the tournament , so if you happen
to stay at sydney , hope to see you there !! ^_^

Later i will be streaming kof 13 trials speedrun , continued from the last time ..
Now running 6 hours? LOL hahahaha kof13 trials is so diffcult -_-"

Coming up there is a malaysia ssf4ae 2012 tournament as well and i think leslie and tommy will be heading there for the 2v2 :) 
Hope they can do well in the tourney ^_^

Its a new year , i hope everybody likes it and i will be  streaming more often as 
i will be having a place to slack around ^_^
Not to forget , Zhi is already in singapore and will be staying for about a month ..
Will be filiming more Cross counter asia episodes too in the meanwhile ..

Dont forget to check out my streams at

Will be streaming at 11am which is about 1.5 hours from now :)
Cheers !!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Finally find a place to train !! Cameraman opening lan/console shop in parklane !!
I will try to level up ^_^

Now is a post of the vega/claw matchup , hope it helps ^_^

Ultra 1 is better for this matchup because you can punish all kind of dives.
I cant really explain how to counterpoke them out of their poking range , experience counts.
**However , 1 very important thing i notice is very has very poor anti-air.
Its either they baited for Gen to jump and air throw , or most of the time they have to block.
**Gen jump is short , so jumping in unpredicably or when vega is focusing on playing footsies is very important.
Dont be afraid to press your button early when jumping ( dont whiff it of cos ) , because its adds diffculty for vega to anti air..
Cosmic heel at the max range or outside of Gen's poke range is very strong tool to punish Gen's footsies , so becareful.
When attacking Vega , never underestimated his ex scarlet terror. Eg. After Gen did jab jab , and tried to delay abit to frame
trap or kara throw or walk forward. If vega EX scarlet terror after blocking few jabs or 2 jabs , it will beat all of Gen's option.
Bait it sometimes , dont waste your chance when you already get in.

**After getting backthrow by Vega , Vega will do a safe jump forward mp most of the time . At this moment ,
Just release your joystick most of the time ( 1f invincibility) and press any button (up to you) , or kara throw or even
jump forward to confuse him.
If the vega is good , he will probably safe jump forward mp and option select slide. So occassionally you can release your
stick and make use of the 1f invincibility to make the mp whiff , then neutral jump to punish his option select.
However , dont ever release your stick if vega does safe jump after forward throw. Its too dangerous to do it.

Thats about all i can think for now , hope it helps ^_^