Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 2 in japan
More people in the house ..
Ojisanboy , Daigo , Kazunoko , Shungoku neuorisis , Mago , Tokido
Shiro , Poongko , Itabashi , Fuudo , Kim1234 , Bonchan and alot more !!
Itabashi was very nice to recommend me this best ramen in Shinjuku
and Jinki brought me there to eat !! Very nice !!
Daigo was playing 1v1 with Poongko , Daigo winning more of the matches
Ameriken Yang was there the whole day and yesterday ..
Had a long chat with Kim1234 and he bringing me go sightseeing on monday ;)
Took train back with him , and meeting him for dinner tomolo too
He is very friendly and nice ..
Today was getting abit better , winning more than yesterday but still losing alot..
I felt after fighting so many sagats , i still dont feel confident ..
Gotta work on that matchup more ..
Everybody seems to have their own playing style , Gotta work on their habits soon
Thats about all i am updating , gotta sleep ;(

1 comment:

  1. Wow, so Poongko is confirmed for GGs 4?

    and Daigo won most of his matches with Poongko?
    Good on him, Did u record any of the matches, bro?