Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Will be streaming tonight (28th dec) 8pm Singapore time !! At least about 7 hours
straight .. So be sure to watch my stream !!


Streaming from now till 5am !! Hope you guys like it please support ^_^ 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Back from China trip ..

Day 1 - I reached the tournament arena ,  played abit on the tournament setups and realise the timing was pretty weird , seems to have abit of slight input lag. But well i know i just have to adapt to it , follow up was the friendly tournament of 5v5 . Internationals were in a team which consist of me , poongko , mike ross , combofiend and sako. We fought till the very end and lost in the grand finals against team china team consist of xiaohai , dakou and ah bao. I managed to get 1st win as they send me off first facing a honda  , after i won the honda , xiaohai (small kid) yun came along , it came down to the last pixel of the last game and i lost. After which sako get in and won xiaohai , next team china sent out ah bao(yang) and basically ocv the rest of our team , thats the end and i went back together with the hk guys and head out to eat some really good food, HK people really knows where are the good food ahahhahahaha

Day 2 - Headed to play the tournament , played against followupursf from hk for the first game , had a really tough fight but managed to sneak off a win. Next was yun ... then yun .. then yun again .. LOL .. so my day ended going into the top 16 for the next day , alot of internationals didnt manage to get out of the pools because there were so many yun , yang and feilong lol.. After that went back to the hotel to slack for awhile before heading off with the hk guys to 1 of the clubs to drink , had alot of fun with them , they were very nice.. Gameouttt , Lin lao , sl hiro , kenny and more ....

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Hey !! I am now on the plane to CHINA !! ^_^
Going to the SSF4 AE tournament in China , gotta met up with china best players
like da kou and xiaohai :) , Mike ross , combofiend , Mago , Sako (not sure) i
heard will be there as well too :) good luck to me and i hope to do the best
in this tourney :)

On other side , i really wanna thanks TKA and SCOGA for sponsoring my trip this time
to CHINA , without you guys support , i will never have make it :)
Once again thanks alot and i really appreciates it  ^_^

I haven been updating often as you guys know i have been streaming alot nowadays
in www.twitch.tv/crosscounterasia .. But i will be updating what i see and happen
over there in CHINA !! ^_^ (Provided there's internet access there) LOL .. So check out
my blog for my info !! Wish me luck :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Me playing kof13 semi finals

Me playing kof13 winner finals

Lieing down for awhile , i know i not doing anything much at the moment ..
Will be streaming SSF4AE 2012 when its out .. And heading off to China for HuaHai
Tournament .. Air combofiend and mike ross will be there too ..
Go sleep already , will try to update more often :)