Thursday, 27 October 2011

In appreciation of everybody visiting my blog , i am doing some videos
out for everybody out there :)
I kindly appreciate all the donations even though the amounts are small :)
As everybody knows i am going to Canada Cup and Northwest Major ^_^
Facing some financial problems now, so i would really appreciate anybody who
doesnt mind helping out in donating some food $$$ for my Canada trip :(
Just did some videos with Gen , Hope everybody likes it :)
Once again thanks everybody for the help and i really appreciates it ^_^
This video is a safe jump after sweep using Gen against feilong..
It works on all 5 frame and above reversal :)
This Video is Gen Crossup Oga against Feilong after backthrow ..
And Super combo into Sweep then Crossup Oga ..
The video is Gen using Crossup Oga against Yun ..
Hope everybody likes it , Because i am maining Gen now ..
I only uploads Gen video .. But however if there is any characters that you
wanna know of setups or tricks , you can request here in the comments and
i will try my best to do some videos as well .. Lastly Sorry for the bad quality
and thanks for watching !! ^_^

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  1. Great videos. Just started using Gen. Used to play Makoto so I love these types of setups. Thanks!