Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sorry guys for the Lack of update .. This is the link for Razer Xian's Academy All Episodes on Youtube .. Since Ultra Street Fighter 4 is out now.. I will be posting some thoughts here and there again..

This is the link for all the episode .. Tonight will be my first stream of ULTRA Street Fighter 4 .. It will be at 9pm GMT+8 every wednesday as usual .. but dont forget to check out if you trying to learn more about the new characters !!

Streaming 3 hours from now

Gen has pretty much alot of changes , so i have to play more to figure out as he seems to have a new kind of playstyle to be tournament viable .. Fei Long players will be kinda happy as i just tested out a little .. Seems very damaging now and most of the stuff still works .. Mainly key points are

Flame Kick (Uppercut) FADC Chicken Wing Ultra 1 does alot of damage due to the last hit of ultra 1 hits now..

Down mp more damage is very significant in the match..

Rekka range not as much difference (however have to test how punishable this version is compared to last version)

Ex Red Focus Combo Practicability not as high , Especially Stand Hp EX Red Focus .. Due to Stand Hp Flame Kick FADC Chicken Wing Ultra 1 does really good damage (only 2 bars also) ..

Focus Attack Range wasnt much difference , still very good.. 

Stand Lp Tenshin still works but not EX , the 1 frame gap to press 3 frame buttons or throw between is really tight , Very viable .. EX Tenshin starts up faster , Lots of uses and harder to avoid now..

Flame Kick FADC forward dash one of the nerf , To adjust to this .. in the corner while pressuring you could do flame kick fadc backdash chicken wing..

Ok guys will post thoughts about other character soon !! Playing some Decapre at the moment hoping to find something good ^_^