Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ahahaha today i was very happy , its been sooo long since i had such a good game :)
Played leslie money match $5 , Gen vs Sagat . Total played 3 sets , last set not finished :(
First set i lose 5-4 , then lost 5-1 then last set now i am leading 4-2 ..
Its not about the score .. not about the $5  .. But the games i had , its so challenging yet
fun ^_^ Used up all my new tricks i have been thinking against him , some worked :)
There will be a upcoming tournament this sat , 2v2 and singles ..
I will be teaming with tampiness daigo ^_^ Leslie is very gay , he teaming up with gackt..
ahahahaha i suddenly look forward to meeting them in the tournament , and i shall start
developing more tricks against feilong and sagat :)

Haven been touching UMVC3 for awhile , lack of console makes me really rusty now ..
Switch of teams to Magneto , Storm and Akuma as well , May switch again but depends :/ WIll definely train up abit and see how well i can fare this weekend ..

Lastly , i am really looking forward to 30nov .. SSF4AE2012 changes !!
Cheers !! ^_^


  1. Can't wait to see your new tricks in action. =3

  2. back throw to round house oga crosses up on sagat!