Thursday, 15 December 2011

Hey !! I am now on the plane to CHINA !! ^_^
Going to the SSF4 AE tournament in China , gotta met up with china best players
like da kou and xiaohai :) , Mike ross , combofiend , Mago , Sako (not sure) i
heard will be there as well too :) good luck to me and i hope to do the best
in this tourney :)

On other side , i really wanna thanks TKA and SCOGA for sponsoring my trip this time
to CHINA , without you guys support , i will never have make it :)
Once again thanks alot and i really appreciates it  ^_^

I haven been updating often as you guys know i have been streaming alot nowadays
in .. But i will be updating what i see and happen
over there in CHINA !! ^_^ (Provided there's internet access there) LOL .. So check out
my blog for my info !! Wish me luck :)


  1. Go show China how Gen is supposed to be played.

  2. Show them the invincibility of the crane and mantis!

    Kumar Hakan-dhalsim

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