Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I am getting really hyped for Canada Cup this year .. its my first time playing Gen
and Canada has also announced Team Japan 2 !!! Kazunoko will be in it as well :)
Kudos to Leslie who being so confident ^_^ !! Singapore !!
Have been training up alot of exceution lately and thats the reason i havent been
blogging for some time .. 
It feels like the whole world is heading down to Canada Cup to compete for the best :)
Team Europe 2 is also announced !! 
Who will be the winner? Japan? Singapore? Europe? America? Korea?
Ahahahaha everybody thinks its japan as they have a really strong team ..
But i believe every country is prepared for this ^_^
I dont wanna disappoint so i will be training even harder this few days :)
This Canada Cup is a MUST SEE !! ^_^

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