Thursday, 4 August 2011

Finally back in Singapore ^_^
Thanks everybody for the great hospitatlity in America ^_^
Posting some photos from Salty Suite and Evo :D

Thanks Everybody for always supporting me :D
Godsgarden Japan is on the 20th ^^
I feel like going , but kinda short of about $100 in food :(
Lodging in Japan is another problem so
Wonder if anybody could allows me to stay over at their places in japan?
Its probably a short trip of 3 to 4 days ^_^ Just to join godsgarden qualifer ;)
Donation button is on the right  >>>>
Any Amount is kindly appreciated ^_^
Once again thanks and i will be doing more videos in return for everybody *_*
I am kinda saving up now , but transport and food are pretty expensive in japan :(
If anybody could help , I will try my best ^_^
Thanks alot for everybody who supported me :D 


  1. Hey Xian,

    I'm a huge fighting game fan who's living in Japan right now. I am planning to go watch godsgarden on the 20th. Because I live in Kobe, I'll be getting a room to stay. I wouldn't mind helping you out with your money/room problem in exchange for a few lessons :) reply if you're interested


  2. Omg one thousand thanks !! Definely no problems for any lessons that you need , i more than willing to help ^_^ do you have a idea where godsgarden will be? How long will you getting a room? let me know so i will book the ticket asap ^_^ thanks thanks thanks justin !! you have facebook? its easier to chat on facebook :) just let me know the time where you will be online ^_^
    Once again a thousand thanks :D

  3. my facebook is Ah Xian ^_^
    Thanks alot !! hope to see your reply soon!!