Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sorry guys for not updating for so long :(
Been busy with Evo stuffs ^^
Just finished shooting Cross Counter Episode 3 too :)
WIll get it up as soon as its finish editing :p
Cross Counter Excellent Adventures is out too :)
Sorry for late update :'(

This is also the link to Salty Suite Singapore vs Japan :(
Singapore lost 4-3 unfortunately but manage to beat Canada and Korea :D


  1. Hi Xian! I am your fan from US. I saw your match in EVO last week, what a performance! You put up a good show and tried your best! By the way, where did you buy your Yun The Real OP shirt? I heard it's from online store but when I went there the website doesn't exist anymore....I really like that shirt and wish I can buy it .. (T_T) yun is my fave character...

    -sushikid from USA-

  2. thanks alot sushikid :D , i asked the shadowloo organisers for the link already , will let you know asap when they get back to me ^_^
    Cheers :)