Friday, 29 July 2011

I got out of the pools ^_^
Leslie got out of the pools as well :D
Will be going down at 6pm to try my best :)
Will update more ...................
Been kinda busy training , so sorry :(
I will be joining mvc3 today :) Kof 13 as well for evo side tournament ^_^
Yun tutorial is already up ^_^ 


  1. Xian, I swear you were UNLUCKY in couple of your matches!.. great showing from SG though.
    please keep it up guys

  2. Even though you got unlucky, you still did very well in Evo. I was rooting for you all the way! Hope to see you in many other tournaments. You've become one of my favourite yun players.

  3. Hey Xian. watched your matches yesterday, and great job! I hope you are not discouraged at all, you are an excellent player! Will definitely show my support for any of your future tournaments.

    thanks for playing!
    -- a fan from Canada

  4. thanks everybody ^_^ i will try to do better the next time :)