Friday, 21 February 2014

Episode 5 of Razer Xian's Academy is up now !!

Will be heading to Cannes for IVGC in a few days time , Going to training mode to practice for all the top players in Europe that is heading there.. Cant wait to see everyone there !! I will be updating my journey in Cannes as well on my twitter Xianmsg , so dont forget to follow me for more updates !!

Over here i would like to thanks everyone who likes my private coaching , I have more free time now so if anybody wants 1 to 1 private coaching ,  feel free to just send me an email at .. What i will help you with is

- Getting better with your character
- Better understanding of why you are not winning consistenly
- Analysing of your match videos and help you get better
- Analysing your opponent for you
- Tips and tricks for your character

Thanks for all the support guys

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