Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tips on becoming a better fighting game players

Tips on becoming a better fighting game players

Alot of people have been asking this question , so exactly how do you think you can improve yourself in fighting games? Today i will going to answer in it in simply , for Street fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 ..

There are a few keys that you could summarise it into but today the topic will be


I am going emphasis alot on Defence because i felt this is the key to becoming from a average player to another level itself ..

Lets quote some example of what a group of average players may be talk about defence , or advices from generally people i have heard ..

1) You need to block properly
2) You need to be doing 4 button tech 
3) You need to do more backdash
4) You need to mash jab and just block
5) Stop doing so much reversal , just block
6) Its a vortex character , you played well but you lost to the character
7) Start using delay wakeup

I believe many of you guys have friends around which gives you advice like these when you came to certain stage where you just doesnt know how to improve anymore or you just couldnt deal with your bad matchups or to say vortex character generally..

So the question is which of these 6 answers are correct?

Well the truth is every answer is correct at some point of time , there is no wrong in any of the answers , but what i will be doing here is elaborating on what all these answers means exactly 

So a friend of mine have been losing to Ibuki kunai vortex and no matter how hard he tries , he just cant block or do anything to it.. So i gotta list a conversation type explaination to let you understand it even clearer..so he says 

I tried blocking the kunai , but i always block the wrong direction..

Does it makes any sense? Nope because its just a 50/50 , theres something you must be doing wrong thats why you always get hit by it consistently..

Problem (What my friend was doing wrongly)

Alot of people like moving their joysticks from left to right , or right to left while thinking they are reacting to block the kunai,  But remeber when you are moving the joystick like this , it actually has a period of time your joystick stays at neutral .. so that is the reason why even when you are on a lucky day , you cant block the kunai more than people usually would..


Either move the stick really fast from left to right or vice versal , or just let it start from neutral , and move left or right to block it..

So now you learnt this , but its still a 50/50 .. how do i even get better in blocking this? this is so unfair..

Yes 50/50 is still too much , because ibuki gets this kind of situation almost off any kind of knockdown .. thats why focus attack comes to key .. However this requires practice , because the timing to focus may not be as hard as parry , but is still tight .. but its definely possible with practice.. Using focus dash or backdash to escape from it..


Oh i managed to practice that focus timing down , but however i am not able to know which direction i should be dashing or back dashing to..


I will be posting a video to show you which direction , its actually pretty obvious .. because if you doesnt know which direction you can focus dash into, its probably going to be really obvious it hits the front , or really obvious that its a crossup..


Wow , it works but however he is able to punish my focus attack with a sweep and repeats it over again ..


He is actually commiting himself in doing the sweep , because sweep itself is very hard to link unless the kunai is really meaty , with this information you already can see that he is not going to get a full combo no matter the kunai is blocked or is hitting you..
there is also another way you can deal with this that is to hold on to your focus attack.. then do a really delayed backdash making use of the backdash invincible frames to avoid the sweep from ibuki (not advisable for mid level players due to strict execution) 
Conclusion and Summary

Options are very important when it comes to defence.. Just by holding down+back to block doesnt mean your defence is very strong.. This post teaches you that mixing up your options can make your opponent confused about how to go about punishing you..Leaving him a much harder time..

Well if you already know all these , Another even better tips at mastering the blocking of ibuki kunai is to replicate all the different knockdowns with kunais that look really ambigious , you will start to realise its just a setup that always hits the same direction but doesnt look like it.. When you really find it too unfamiliar to block , thats where focus attack comes to your mind , I will be explaining these with examples even more clearly on my twitch stream every wednesday..

Thanks for reading Xian's Academy 


  1. Hello Xian,
    I really like this Academy posts of yours. May I ask you if it will be OK if I will translate them into my own language (czech) for our local community purposes and publish them on our FGC page (buttonczech.cz)? You and your blog will be credited of course.

    Thank you a lot

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