Thursday, 13 February 2014

Episode 4 of Razer Xian's Academy is uploaded !! This time with RZR Gackt ^_^
Revealing some strategies on the feilong sagat matchup..

For people asking me regarding on Razer Game Booster , You can download them at 
Basically i use it to record my matches and review them when i play online on PC , it can also be used for other games like starcraft , dota etc.. Its pretty user friendly , i upload a footage as well , you can use HD to watch it if you want it to be clearer..

Lastly hope everybody have a good valentines day with your love ones , dont forget to stay tune into more Razer's Xian Academy every wednesday 9pm gmt+8 ..

Next tournament i am attending will be IVGC at cannes , EMP Dieminion and Bala will also be attending ..

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