Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ok so i am now offically Razer Xian .. Together with Razer Gackt.. Thanks Razer so much for sponsoring us .. we are very proud to be part of Razer ^_^ Will be bring more OGA's and Rekka all over the world !!

So yes tonight is Razer Xian's Academy again !! Tonight topics that i will be covering is simply more knowledge about street fighter 4 arcade edition that you could only learn from Xian's Academy .. what does that mean?

- Showing off knowledge about moves/ultras that have weird properties and how to use it in a real match

- Showing off how to catch a backdash with/without an option select..

- Playing on XBOX live trolling everyone ^_^

- Questions and answers about Razer Xian

So dont forget to tune in tonight at 9pm GMT+8 to watch Razer Xian's Academy !!

You can watch it at http://www.twitch.tv/toughcookietv

Will have bonus features for today since its the first RAZER edition.. will be showing off everyone how to get out of OGA setups without guessing a 50/50 !!

Sorry that i haven been blogging the past week.. Because i went to Germany for ESGN TV again !! Have a very fun and exciting time there .. I like it soo much.. but well stay tune for the next ESGN TV Season 2 !!


  1. where can i watch Xian's Academy?? do u stream or u put on youtube?

  2. stream at 9pm gmt+8 every wed www.twitch.tv/toughcookietv.. it will be uploaded to youtube also ..

  3. Could you also upload these episodes on youtube, please? It would be very nice :D

  4. you could subscribe to toughcookie tv channel for $5/month to see the archvies , or whenever i am free i will upload , please support by subscribing :)