Monday, 20 January 2014

Welcome to Xian's Academy Again !!

    I already covered most of the topics about DEFENCE , if you understand my previous post and knowing how to apply flexibilty..There are still people who dont understand crouch tech ( by plinking lp+lk) .. So today i will give more examples and why it is useful to put into 1 of your defensive options..

Crouch teching by plinking (lp+lk)..
Instead of the usual crouch lk coming out .. Crouch Lp will come out instead .. It is especially useful for some characters because some characters have a 3 frame crouch jab but a 4 frame crouch LK..

Example of characters that can put this to good use.. Ryu , Barlog ..
This is a very strong technique even though we hardly see alot of people using it.. Imagine Ryu Crouching Teching with 3 frame Crouching Jab coming out .. It will actually makes frame trap alot alot more harder .. It bascially turn into a little bit comination of DEFENCE option of pressing 3 frame and crouching teching.. If till this point anybody doesnt understand please post in the comments .. i will try to explain clearer..

Yup and besides the 9 options , thanks for the feedback i did forgot about one of the important DEFENCE option like jump backwards.. which is really crucial for charge characters .. Because Charge Characters wants to have their charge.. So blocking between block strings and hold up+back can be a very strong DEFENCE too..

Thanks for seeing Xian's Academy .. I hope you will reread the few DEFENCE post together and strengthen up your DEFENCE .. mix in your options randomly or choose wisely what defence options you need to do when you are under pressure..

Next Topic i will cover is DEFENCE against vortex .. Which is much harder where everybody see it as a 50/50 .. By knowing how to Defend against vortex will actually make you alot better overall as a player.. See you at the next Xian's Academy Post ^_^


  1. Hey Xian, how do you like to perform the plink with cr.lp + lk? Thanks

  2. Also, For anyone wondering how to do 4 button tech (with focus and tech buttons), Xian noted he does it with his palm on his facebook ^_^

  3. Hi Alex, I am new to this blog and find topic about Defence is very useful!
    I would like to learn more about 4 button tech...
    I added Xian as friend in Facebook and could not find anything about that...
    Is "DM Mcz Xian" the correct facebook account?

  4. yes DM MCZ Xian is the correct facebook account ,

    Alex myers

    Plink lp+lk , but lp very slightly faster than lk ..

  5. i will explain this more on the stream tomorrow because i find it hard to explain.. which is at ..every wed 9pm :)

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