Friday, 17 January 2014

Welcome to Xian's Academy , today i going to elaborate more on the point 3 button tech and more details about DEFENCE Options I believe everybody already understands more about DEFENCE , so i will be explaining about 3 button tech today..

Whats is a 3 button tech?

Its bascially Crouch teching with more than 1 more button besides lp+lk .. I believe already alot people knows how to do it .. TIming is a key to using 3 button tech , People who cant tech properly with 3 button tech is usually pressing it too early , Basically timing to 3 button tech a throw is the same as a crouch tech , all you need is go training mode and practice..

The best example on when to use a 3 button tech is against Rufus.. Imagine you are always under pressure with the dive kick , Guessing between a throw and another dive kick.. 50/50 .. 3 button tech bascially helps to eliminate the 50/50 and will be a game changing for you.. 

Example ..
Fighting against Rufus with Ryu , After blocking a Dive kick .. If you use a 3 button tech with either (lp,lk+mp) or (lp,lk+hp) instead of crouch tech , Rufus is not able to pressure you with another dive kick because crouch mp or crouch hp will comes out instead and hit them away in the air..

This is a game changing technique so i believe everyone should have this as a priority technique especially against character like rufus ..


That doesnt mean with this technique , Rufus can never get 50/50 you again , however rufus can switch into frame trap style , using delayed stand mp to go for a counter hit  or even a delayed ex messiah kick to catch your 3 button tech.. Therefore..

is very important when it comes to defence , imagine you change your defence options between this 3 button tech , backdash , focus backdash , jump back press button immediately , pressing 3 frame(for ryu this case its d.lp) and invincible reversal..

The next time you face a rufus ever again , you will never be afraid... Think of all the options he has , and the probability of hitting you with it..With all the defence options i list to you .. you have probably at least minimum 6 to deal with rufus.. While rufus only has maybe 3.. Lets count who is at the better edge after rufus gets in with a dive kick..

Rufus Options After Dive Kick

Frame Trap
Dive Kick Again
Delayed EX Messiah

Ryu Options After blocking Dive kick

ALL of the above that i name..

I wont elaborate more about this , just think about it.. Creativity is important in fighting games .. So if you think about all the options that Rufus has to guess if you mix and blend in your options randomly.. You will realise theres nothing much scary anymore.. Just dont be predicable and get downloaded ^_^


  1. I agree with using 3 button tech against Rufus but I find it extremely risky against characters that have very fast crouching shorts. For example, I would never use crouch tech or 3 button tech against Bison.

    By the way, it was good seeing you at Shadowloo Showdown 2013.

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