Thursday, 6 February 2014

Episode 3 of Razer Xian's Academy is up !!

Content about Episode 3 Razer Xian's Academy are

-Special moves that change hurtbox (Juri, Ibuki)

-Solid safe block strings that covers many options

-How to get out of Gen's Oga Mixup..

Hope everybody's enjoy Xian's Secret of Fighting Game.. Next week Razer Xian's Academy Episode 4 will be a special episode because i have a special guest RZR Gackt revealing his tricks of Fei Long !! So dont forget to tune in every week 9pm GMT+8 to watch on LIVE !!

Regarding Episode 2 .. I couldnt get it upload but if people are interested they can actually view it at .. Its part of the archive however you have to be a subscriber to watch it.. Please support me by subscribing because that will encourage me to reveal more secrets and content !!

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