Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ok what is the latest update?

I am heading on to Canada Cup 2012 just in few hours time !!
Thanks Team MCZ DM for sending me there and Lapchi of course ^_^
Greatly appreciated it , i will be in Team South East Asia .. I am not really sure
who my teammate will be though lol
Team MCZ DM Kaiser will be going with me this time .. No leslie , gackt as they are
pretty much busy with their own work :(

I will be joining couple of games this time. Mainly Street fighter 4 2012 AE , Ultimate
Marvel vs Capcom 3 , King of Fighters 13 , SF x tekken and Persona 4 (omg i am still
horrible at this game LOL) ..

Seen some updates , will probably update those that i know ..
Poongko wont be going for this event from what i know..
Team UK will not be participating in this event as well..
GamerBee is probably going ..
Xiaohai and Dakou couldnt make it ..
Team Japan will all be there , Kazunoko , Bonchan , Tokido , Mago and Fuudo..
Team Netherland will be there ..

Prediction? I think the 2 Team USA this year is very strong .. Well lets get hypeee ^_^

Thanks alot to Peter for hosting me once again since last year .. Its a great pleasure
to stay with you again !! I had fun last year , lets enjoy more this year too ^_^

I miss seeing everybody from Canada since last year , see you guys there !!

Cameraman and DM MCZ Zhi will be there as well , If you guys want some good
commentary from him ^_^

Ok i dont wanna miss the flight , time to get ready ^_^
See you guys in Canada !!


  1. Congrats on your victory, you deserved it !

  2. Congrats indeed! Hardwork finally paid off.
    I look forward to more videos and tournament appearances from you. Hopefully you enjoyed Canadian hospitality and had fun.
    Make more videos with Zhi!