Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Back to blogging again !!
Next week i will be travelling to China for ssf4ae 2012 tournament :)
So happy i can take a break off work again ^_^
Wont be staying there for long though but hope to do well in the tournament ..
Thanks alot for inviting me there , i appreciates it :)

These few days i will be playing more street fighter 
Main matchups i will be training will be cammy , feilong and ryu ..
As Dakou and Xiaohai are the best players there and i gotta train more for these
matchups , however sadly i dont even have alot of experience again cammy ..
Gotta work a little harder , Or hope i dont meet him? Hahahaha

Recently saw videos of Sako picking up Gen ..
As always his gen was amazing with great execution ..
How i wish there would be more videos so i can study those matchups :(

Amiyu did really well in shadowloo , saw few of his matches and seeing
him beating the likes of xiaohai and michael really impresses me ..
Will try to figure out some good setups against cammy so i dont get screwed badly
when i go China ahahhaha
I wanted to watch those replays but i dont think its out yet on shadowloo archives :'(
Hope it gets upload fast so i can copy some good techniques haha

Well time to go sleep :(
tired , still gotta work tomorrow 
Cheers :)

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  1. You're forgetting Poongko and Mago, who will be there as well.