Friday, 22 June 2012

Evo is just around the corner .. Ceo is so hype when i saw the stream .. cant imagine evo2012?
I have been practicing more on kof13 and street fighter ..
As everybody knows , Bala has been dominating the kof13 street fighter tournament for very long , this year with lots of japanese kof players , china xiao hai and dakou also lots of mexician players heading as well .. It will be really interesting to watch , i prepared alot myself too as i really wanna do well in this game ..
It seems japanese is still the favourites to win this year Evo ..
However , alot of americans have proven themself at CEO convincingly showing they are not pushovers too .. I am so hype for this :)
Its only about 1 week plus before me preparing to go Evo ..
Will be heading into the training alot  definely ..
Gackt and Leslie is not going Evo this year ..
So i wanna try my best and hope to do singapore proud..

Well , time to train again :)


  1. good luck at evo xian. im gonna be watching and supporting you the whole way :)

  2. Xian, can you please tell us your thoughts on Evo and how you fared there. Did the supporters's cheering for your opponent distract you when you lost to Rose in SSF4? Who did you lose to in Marvel and KOF?

    Zhi did very well with his Zangief losing to Humanbomb (who finished top8). I hope Cross Counter invites Infiltration for a SSF4 tournament here and you can beat him in a race to 7.