Wednesday, 7 March 2012

It's been really long since i update my blog :(
No excuses but i am just lazy lol
Yay i design a little to make it more appealing to my eyes haha
Really happy win Ozhadou kof 13 and SSF4AE 2012 ( i know its outdated ) lol..
Next tournament i will be travelling will be MLG kof 13 ..
I have been playing Kof 13 alot since MLG announce for kof 13 ..
Training really hard now at Tough Cookie gaming cafe everyday and hope to put 
up a good performance by then at MLG :)
Really glad that MLG is picking KOF up , i really like playing kof so i hope the scene
gets bigger and bigger :)

If anybody happen to stay at Columbus OH or anywhere near Columbus
hehehe you are deeply appreciated if you are able to house me or drive me around :)
I have never been to Columbus OH so i will be sight seeing abit too ^_^
Of course most important thans to Team Desperation Move ( DM ) for making my trip 
possible ^_^ I have a facebook page for Desperation Move ( DM ) as well now so be
sure to like it ^^

Also special thanks to Muttonhead for doing the podcast and interview of me !! ^_^
It turns out really good , i had fun :) 
Here's the link ^_^

Time to go training again , Tough Cookie Gaming Cafe training area ^_^
Cheers :)

Lastly not to forget , Thanks to everybody who took care of me in Ozhadou ..
I had a really fun time :)
Here are some of my pictures :)

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  1. congrats on your win on ozhadou! Was any of the KoF13 footage captured? Would love to see some of your KoF. Glad to hear your going to MLG ill be watching the stream and cheering you on