Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kular Lumpur Street fighter 4 AE 2012 tournament..
Went over there few days ago , saw alot of familiar faces in the tournament..
Its been long since i went to Malaysia for tournament again ..
I fought against Chuan in the grand finals , its was really intense ..
I glad that i took it down 3-2 .. if he manage to reset it , it will be alot harder ..
The most diffcult opponent i fought was probably Andy , Chuan and Keane Hi ..
But i didnt face Keane Hi in the tournament .. I played some casuals with him though..
The people there treat me really nice despite if was my second time going to Malaysia
for tournament already .. They brought me to eat as well after the tournament ^_^
The food was really nice , i think i gotten fatter zZz

Here are some pictures of the tournament

This coming Sat 28/04/12 , there is a 5v5 tournament at tough cookie gaming cafe..
Registering at the tournament also means free play for the whole day !!
So be sure to come down and support the tournament :)
If you wanna get some help for your character you could ask me too ^_^
Hope to see you guys this Sat ^_^

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