Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Finally blogging again , been too lazy for the past few weeks lol
I am finally back at singapore after going columbus MLG for kof 13 and
big 2 at new york ..
I have alot of fun at the cities in new york , though columbus was pretty much boring
as there are not much things to walk around :'(

I lost pretty much badly at MLG to romance and skye (my singapore mate) ..
I will train harder and be back for the next MLG :(
Skye did pretty well though getting 5th losing to Mr KOF just by a pixel ..
I hope he dont get demoralised and decide to go back once again too :)

Next i went to new york Big2 , for people who doesnt know actually i am very 
impressed by ChrisG umvc3 , i like his morrigan alot as i think its takes alot of
skill to play a good morrigan :)
 I lost to him and chrisG in sfx tekken , they are way better than me , i need to buck
up in this game lol , my abel is kind of pulling me down and i need to improve on my
abel :( 
In umvc3 , i bascially almost get thrashed by anyone there lol 
Amercia umvc3 is just too good for me , time for me to go back and train :'(

I only won ssf4ae 2012 there , dieminion is my toughest opponent i think..
I had a hard time against ChrisG too at the start , but it seems like he dont really play
much anymore , his sakura style is very unique and i had a tough time adapting against
him :( i also think he actually could have won , if he know abit more about how to fight
against Gen , he doesnt seems to know the matchup too , but he's a strong player so 
he adapt well against me too , very strong opponent .. definely would like to play him
more if i had the chance :)

Ok i will blog again soon , seems like next tournament may be CEO and MLG since
its about the same date near each other ^_^
Lastly , i really wanted to thanks Deperation Move (DM) for sending me to this MLG 
and Big2 , i had alot of fun there and everything issnt possible with DM :)
Appreciated it ^_^
Cheers !!

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